2nd Anniversary Gift Ideas For Your Wife

2nd anniversary gift ideas for your wife are all about making her feel special...

showing the love that you have has grown over the years.

2nd Anniversary Gifts To Buy For Your Wife

Your first was easy to celebrate because it is too special not to do something wonderful for, so you've got to live up to whatever you did last year while setting the tone for all of the special anniversaries still to come in your life together as husband and wife.

Second Anniversary Gifts Meaning

Your second wedding anniversary is traditionally celebrated with cotton and with china from the modern anniversary list.

Cotton as a symbol of your marriage shows the strength you have together and all the threads that weave together add to it's beauty. Just like the two of you and how you bring different things and threads to your marriage, creating a strong relationship.

Plus you also have the gemstone list and for your 2nd anniversary you celebrate with garnets, the stone to attract love and your soul mate. How perfect is that?!

Cotton Anniversary Gifts

2nd anniversary cotton roses for your wife

Cotton roses from JustPaperRoses

  • And if your wife enjoys relaxing and needs some pampering, cotton might be the best choice. 
  • Purchase one of the most luxurious cotton towels you can find and maybe a high quality, very soft bathrobe as well. 
  • Fill the tub with warm water and bubble bath, as well as a few rose petals, right before she comes home from work or from running household errands. She'll love you forever.

Cotton Jewelry

cotton jewelry for your 2nd anniversaryCotton Anniversary Jewelry

Wives love jewelry and it is not always about how expensive or sparkly it is.

With your 2nd anniversary being cotton you could give a cotton jewelry gift and there are lots of handcrafted pieces to choose from at Novica.

Personalized Canvas

personalized heart canvas

Or how about a gorgeous personalized anniversary canvas?

A canvas is made from cotton so you would be sticking with the theme really well. 

This is the kind of canvas that your wife would love to receive as a gift, it shows just how much you love her.

You can buy this canvas and lots of others in our Anniversary Gifts Store.

Big Budget?
Take An Anniversary Trip

2nd anniversary vacation
  • If you have the money to spend, one of the most impressive 2nd anniversary gift ideas you could consider is a trip to China.
  • Remember that on the modern list China is the designated anniversary gift theme for your 2nd Anniversary. While you might mainly think of dishware, anything related to China would fit that category, including a vacation.

Lots of Anniversary Vacation ideas here.

Other China Anniversary Gift Ideas

  • The trip could be a bit expensive so you could bring China to your wife, this could be with a romantic meal for two at your favorite Chinese restaurant or a fun night in with a Chinese take out!
  • If she has a sense of humor, purchase some small trinket that says "Made in China" and give it to her along with a nicer gift. Give her the cheaper one first to get a reaction. 
  • Of course, you can always stick to the traditional meaning of China and purchase some dinnerware to match your existing set. This way you can entertain a larger number of people. 
  • Or you could cook her favorite meal and have a romantic night in.

Practical Cotton Anniversary Gifts

2nd Anniversary gifts for your wife
  • Cotton many be a great gift choice for the lover of comfort but it can also be a nice choice for the household, in general. If your wife enjoys entertaining and keeping her home beautiful, you can find many great 2nd anniversary gift ideas that will fit the bill. 
  • Table linens, for example, are usually made from cotton. 
  • Quilts, sheets, pillows, and similar items for the bed are made from cotton, too. These can also double as comfort-giving gifts if they are used to decorate your own bedroom.

A word of warning, not all wives want practical gifts on their anniversary!

Fun 2nd Anniversary Gift Ideas

Sometimes the best gifts are those which are least practical...

  • CafePress.com will personalize cotton pillows, t-shirts, bags and loads more with photos.
  • If your wife has a favorite wedding photo of the two of you or if there's a special picture in her album that she cherishes, have this made into a keepsake that she'll love forever.

When you celebrate this special occasion with thoughtful 2nd anniversary gift ideas like the ones above, your wife will remember all over again why she picked you for her husband.

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