7th Wedding Anniversary Gifts Guide

7th wedding anniversary gifts are traditionally celebrated with wool and there is nothing that says I love you as much as someone spending time on creating the perfect gift. Especially if that someone is not that crafty.

Wool Anniversary Roses

Anniversary flowers are a lovely gift and what would be more special than a beautiful bouquet of woolly roses?

You could send a single rose or a bouquet and the best bit is they will last forever.

Perfect for your anniversary more...

Wool Jewelry

wool bracelet

This beautiful hand-crafted bracelet has been designed by Karina Mercedes Canova, with white embroidery on a black wool wrap more...

Jewelry is a lovely gift and it is even more special when it is in the symbol of this year's anniversary.

Wool Shawl or Wrap

handcrafted silk and wool shawl

Beautiful hand-crafted silk and wool shawl, handcrafted and will be treasured for years.

Hand-crafted by Imtiyaz, the lovely wrap combines enticing shades of purple mauve, brown, dark pink and maroon more...

Anniversary Throw

anniversary family tree throw

You have been married 7 years and over the years you have become a family.

This beautiful anniversary throw is a great way to remind yourself how long you have been together.

Choose your own words for the under the tree and names to be added to the leaves.

This family throw and others are available at Personal Creations.

For those that are challenged in the knitting department you could knit a scarf, the theory is that it is straight and doesn't require anything fancy! Get a more able friend to start you off and then get their help to finish it. Personal experience of not being able to knit is that however easy it is meant to be it doesn't always work out as it should. Drop a stitch and you have a hole in the middle of your scarf and for some reason only known to the knitting fairy you can quite easily end up with a wiggly edge. All of this apparently adds to the charm of the item - but don't be too upset when they don't wear it!

For the rest of you more capable wool wizards you could crochet a heart, knit a scarf to keep them warm, knit a huge blanket to keep you both warm when you snuggle up to watch the tv or even try knitting a jumper.

If the diy present is not for you, there are some beautiful woollen jumpers, tops, scarves and even socks!

If you are looking to buy something together have a think about a wool rug, there are so many designs available - both traditional and modern, you would easily find something to fit into your home.

And for those of you more into doing something for your anniversary have a look at visiting a local farm to either help feed the lambs or watch them being sheared, depending on the time of year.

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