Lace Anniversary Gifts For Your 8th & 13th

Your lace anniversary is traditionally your 13th, but if you are following the modern list you will celebrate with everything lacy on your 8th.

What is the meaning of lace?

Lace represents the patience and care that is needed to have a successful marriage of many years, it is a truly beautiful gift and shows you how far you have come together.

Lace Anniversary Gifts For Your Wife

Buying girly gifts in lace is much easier than buying them for a man!

  • There is the obvious lace underwear
  •  or a lace tablecloth, but I wouldn’t go for that unless you are planning on cooking dinner as well,
  • or doilies but again you may want to avoid this one unless you plan to be creative and using them to decorate a plate of fabulous cakes!
  • How about a bouquet of handcrafted lace flowers? Flowers and lace all in one gift and they will last for ages too! These lace flowers are available from Just Paper Roses.
  • Lace inspired jewelry is another great gift 

Lace Anniversary Gifts For Your Husband

Buying lace for a man is really hard, a few years ago when I was looking for a lace anniversary gift for my husband I ended up buying cufflinks with a lace design on them. So they weren’t exactly lace but they were inspired by lace.

Here are our favorite lace gifts for husbands that are available at the moment;

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