Romantic 5 Year Anniversary Gift Idea

This 5 year anniversary gift will continue to grow long past your 5th wedding anniversary as long as you look after it!

Your 5th anniversary is traditionally celebrated with wood and what would be more romantic than planting your very own tree? The problem with planting a regular size tree is that they grow big and you can't always take them with you as you move. The solution is a Bonsai tree, perfect miniature trees in a pot that you can take where ever you go.

5 year Anniversary Bonsai gift

The Bonsai tree is a fusion of man and soul, and love and nature. Bonsai trees are a true art form, where you along with nature create a tree that is perfect for you.

The trees can take a bit of looking after, and it is worth spending some time learning how to look after them, so a good idea would be to gift a Bonsai book as well as the tree! They will need constant watering - but not too much and you will want to prune your tree to control how it grows.

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Romantic Tree Meanings

romantic apple tree

Of course if you have a bit more space you could always plant a much bigger tree and all trees seem to have meanings as a gift. Some of these meanings date back to Roman times and other trees are so majestic they are thought to be from the gods, we have picked out some that are a great fit for your 5th anniversary.

Apple Tree - is thought to mean eternal youthfulness, fertility, and love "I throw the apple at you, and if you are willing to love me, take it and share your girlhood with me..." Plato

Beech tree - tolerance and past knowledge

Oak Tree - strength and courage Palm tree - peace and opportunity

You can find lots of live trees well over 150 species to send as an anniversary gift at Naturehills Nursery.

Alternative 5 Year Anniversary Gift Ideas

Lots more ideas using the theme of trees for your 5th Anniversary gift...

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