Traditional 5th Anniversary Gift Ideas
You Can Make Yourself

A traditional 5th anniversary gift is made from wood and although you could be buying big bits of furniture to show your love, you could also be looking at making your own wooden anniversary gift!

You don't have to be into carpentry to put these gift ideas together, of course if you are skilled at working with wood then get to it and create a stunning piece that you know will be with you both forever. You will be creating your very own family heirloom!

For the rest of us here are the simpler ideas!

Wooden Numbers And Letters

wooden number 5

You can buy wooden letters from craft stores and home stores, use these letters to spell out a message for your anniversary gift. It could be I love you, your initials or S 4 S or whatever your own initials are, it would be silly to use ours! You can decorate these letters with paper, photos of the two of you or paint them to show off your own personality.

More wooden letters and numbers ...

Bead Ideas

wooden beads

Wooden beads can also be used to make your 5th anniversary gift, it could be a necklace, bracelet, or use tiny wooden beads to make a ring, or even a key ring if your other half is not into wearing jewelry.

Think what else you could decorate with wooden beads. If you have ever tried macrame which is the art of creating with knots you will know that you can weave in wooden beads to your design, you could end up with a retro design or something more modern more ...

Personalized Wooden Sign

wooden love sign

If you are wanting to make a larger wooden present then why not paint a sign?

Use a wooden board and paint, it could be a painting or one of those witty sayings that you see at gift stores, though this one will be personalized by you. Personalize your sign by adding the date and your initials, you could also have your wedding date.

Or how about this gorgeous wooden blackboard sign - "You have my whole heart for my whole life ..."

Available from Personal Creations

Or how about framing your favorite photo of the two of you?

This lovely personalized Anniversary frame is so romantic with the words;

"It doesn't matter where you go... what you do... or how much you have ... It's who you have beside you."

Add your names and your wedding date to make this truly unique to you.

Available from Personal Creations.

If you are not at all crafty you can still make your own traditional 5th anniversary gift by planting a tree. Just think in years to come when you are sitting in your back yard under the shade of a big old tree you will be reminded of your 5th wedding anniversary!

Of course if even that is a bit much here are some beautiful hand crafted wooden gifts that you could buy...

Wood Heart Necklace

handcrafted wooden heart necklace

This beautiful necklace in honor of love has been hand-crafted by Cynthia Danquah. It is made of sese wood. This design is called Odehye, meaning "Royal" in Akan, where red is associated with royalty more...

Handcrafted Wooden Jewelry Box

handcrafted wooden jewelry box

A wooden jewelry box would make a great gift and one that you could fill with surprises!

This beautiful box has been handcrafted by M. Ayub, which he carves from walnut wood by hand. Featuring a removable shelf, the interior is lined in velvet more...

Wooden Men's Jewelry

handcrafted wooden jewelry

Beautiful hand-crafted band in jarcanda wood, circled with silver to symbolize strength.

Perfect gift for your husband on your 5th Anniversary.

There are lots of stunning wooden rings available at Novica at the moment, take a look at them all here...

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