39th Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas

Your 39th Wedding Anniversary is a time to celebrate your 39 years of marriage and to help you do just that we have put together lots of thoughtful gifts that fit with the theme and symbols for this year.

Here you will find

What Is The 39th Wedding Anniversary Symbol?

lace anniversary gifts

The 39th Wedding Anniversary does not have a traditional gift but it is on the Modern list where lace is the symbol.

You will also find your 39th Anniversary on the gemstone list where this year's stone is Agate.

You have probably seen Agate before as it is a stunning stone and very distinct with it's many layers.

What Is The 39th Wedding Anniversary Meaning?

Lace is also the traditional symbol for your 13th Anniversary.

Lace is a beautiful symbol of your marriage and means that you are entwined together to create a beautiful relationship, perfect for 39 marital years.

Agate stone with it's many layers represents harmony and rebalance, it calms and removes negative energy, plus it is stunning.

39th Anniversary Gifts For The Best Wife

  • When it comes to lace the most obvious gift would be lace underwear and we are sure that you know exactly the type your wife would love.
  • However, if you are looking for a lace gift that your wife can open surrounded by friends and family then you could look at a set of vintage lace handkerchiefs or lace tablecloths.
  • There are also very pretty lace hearts that would look lovely as a decoration on your Anniversary Card or even as the gift tag on your gift. Plus they will be a lovely reminder of your 39th anniversary.
  • A lace shawl would be perfect for a romantic evening out together.
  • A floral gift of a bouquet of flowers which you have tied with a lace ribbon
  • a lace rose

If you are looking for jewelry as your gift then there is lots of choice when it comes to Agate which is this year's gemstone.

  • An Agate pendant
  • Agate beaded necklace
  • Agate beaded bracelet

And one of the great things about Agate is that it comes in lots of different colors; blue, green, orange, brown, black, white so there is bound to be a gift that your wife will love.

Plus it isn't just jewelry there are lots of varieties of agate that look like a beautiful work of art and you can find decorative objects that would be perfect to decorate your living room. These Volcanic rocks will be treasured for many years to come.

This gorgeous beaded Agate bracelet is available from novica.com here

And there are lots of stunning Agate jewelry available on Amazon here

39th Wedding Anniversary Gifts For The Best Husband

Lace isn't the most obvious of gifts for your husband but you can find

  • cufflinks with a lace pattern
  • a shirt with a lace pattern
  • a lace cover for a wine bottle
  • A lace heart to decorate your Anniversary card or to hide in his wallet

If you are looking for a more masculine Anniversary gift then Agate is just that as you can find beautiful

  • Agate Wall Art - they are an absolutely beautiful work of art and available from Amazon
  • Agate paperweights
  • Agate coasters
  • Agate bookends
  • Agate cufflinks
  • Agate beads for a bracelet or necklace
  • Agate ink stands or desk accessories
  • Agate paper knives

Agate and Bronze sculpture available from novica.com

39th Anniversary Gift Ideas for Couples

When you are looking for a 39th anniversary gift for a couple you want something that will fit with the theme but something that you know they will also love.

  • If they love to have friends and family over for dinner you could find a beautiful lace table cloth.
  • If they are foodies then you could have a basket lined with a lace napkin and filled with gourmet treats.
  • If they love vintage items you could find a sweet lace table runner or mat for their home.
  • If they love their home you could look to Agate for a gorgeous piece that they can display at their home. As there are so many different colors you could find one that fits with their color scheme.

Funny 39th Wedding Anniversary Gifts

When it comes to celebrating your 39th year of marriage you may want to add some humor to your gifts, afterall next year is a big milestone Anniversary and one that you will probably have a more official 40th Wedding Anniversary celebration.

Of course most of the themed funny gifts will be about how you have done so well to make it through 39 years!

You can find great ideas on Funny Personalized 39th Anniversary Gifts from Zazzle with

39th Anniversary Flowers

39th anniversary flower - gypsum

Your 39th Anniversary flower is the gypsophila or the lace flower or sometimes called Baby's Breath. You will have seen it in lots of bouquets for weddings and it also looks amazing by itself.

There are also a number of plants that have lace in the name that would be a great modern alternative to lace.

  • Queen Anne's Lace Flower
  • Blue Lace Flower
  • Emerald Lace - Green Acer
  • Sambucus Black Lace Elder
  • Lace Aloe
  • Madagascar Lace Plant

To ensure you have a nice healthy plant you are probably best going to a local shop and seeing what they have available and recommend for your local area.

Agate Gemstone

Agate was named after the river Achates in Sicily where it was first officially discovered by the Greek philosopher, Theophrastus in the 3rd or 4th Century BC. He wrote his famous book "On The Stones" 300 years BC which shows how important gemstones have been to us all for so long and what a traditional material it is.

Due to it's stunning beauty and the healing powers of the stone it was used by the Ancient Greeks in jewelry and in the seal stones of Greek warriors.

However, it's use goes even further back than that as it has been discovered that it was used by the Indus civilisation in the 3rd Millenium BCE which was a Bronze civilisation in South East Asia.

They are volcanic rocks and have been found in lots of places around the world and because of this there are lots of varietes of this traditional gemstone.

  • Turitella Agate
  • Greek Agate 
  • Blue lace Agate 
  • Brazilian Agate
  • Cyclops Agate or Single Eye Agate
  • Mexican Agate

They are all beautiful and with the skills of talented craftsmen from around the world make beautiful decorative objects to celebrate 39 happy years of marriage.

39th Wedding Anniversary Vacation Ideas

Blue Agate from Brazil

If you are looking to get away for your 39th Wedding Anniversary you could look at both symbols of lace and Agate as themes for your vacation and plan your trip to see these in their original homes.

Traditional lace has been created all around the world especially in Europe.

  • Ireland
  • Malta
  • Spain
  • Greece
  • Italy

Agate has been found also around the world

  • Blue Agate in Africa
  • Lace Agate in Mexico, so Mexican Agate fits with both themes!
  • Brazilian Agate is often found in large pieces which are dyed for ornamental sculptures
  • Argentina
  • India
  • Australia
  • Poland
  • Greece
  • Uruguay
  • United States
  • Minnesota - it's always good to have options close to home too!
  • South Dakota - where it is the State gemstone
  • Oregon
  • Arizona
  • Montana
  • Wyoming
  • and Michigan

Unique Anniversary Gifts from 39 Years Ago

As well as using the symbols for your 39th Anniversary gift you can also look to gifts from 39 years ago.

Next Year's Milestone Anniversary

Next year you are back to the traditional Anniversary gift list for a major milestone 40th Anniversary where the traditional gift is Ruby.

You may even want to think about renewing your Wedding Vows or planning a big Anniversary party to celebrate.

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