38th Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas

When it comes to celebrating 38 years of marriage you will want to find the best way to celebrate your love and it's always good to start with a thoughtful and great gift that you know they will love.

An easy way to find a gift is to use the Anniversary Gift Lists as a focal point, find out what this year's symbol is and fit your gift with the theme.

38th anniversary gift ideas

What Is The 38th Wedding Anniversary Symbol?

The 38th Anniversary doesn't appear on the traditional gifts list or on the modern but there is a 38th Wedding Anniversary gemstone which is traditionally Beryl or Tourmaline.

Tourmaline is also your Eighth Anniversary gemstone too.

Beryl in it's natural form has no color but quite often impurities will create color in the Beryl which can be green, blue, yellow, pink and red. Dark Green Beryl is also known as Emerald which is one of the most precious of gemstones and also your 35th Anniversary gemstone. The semi-precious stone is treasured in all it's colors.

Tourmaline comes in lots of different colors and the Ancient Egyptians believed it got it's colors from passing over a rainbow on the way to the center of the Earth.

38th Anniversary Meaning

The Beryl Gemstone is believed to protect the wearer by keeping the demons away bringing good fortune and importantly for an anniversary gemstone it also promotes happiness and marital love, plus it maintains youthfulness. All great gifts for a married couple.

Each color Tourmaline gemstone has different meanings and strengths and all are perfect for an 38th anniversary gift.

  • Green: for life force and energy, enhances cooperation and healing.
  • Dark Pink: unites heart and body, represents creativity, love and devotion.
  • Blue: represents balance and harmony
  • Black: protects against negativity
  • Pink and Green: brings together compassion, passion and the meaning of love.
  • Brown: encourages stability.
  • Yellow: heightened intelligence

38th Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas

When it comes to choosing an Anniversary gift that fits with the theme you are going to mainly be looking at beautiful jewelry and there are lots of gorgeous pieces to choose from. Plus with such a variety of beautiful gemstone colors you should easily find the perfect gift that they love and that fits with their style.

Traditional Beryl or Tourmaline Gifts would be

  • A beautiful Necklace with pendant
  • A Ring
  • Earrings
  • A Tie Pin
  • and you can even find Tourmaline decorated photo frames which would look great in the living room with a photo of the lucky pair.

Alternative 38th Anniversary Gift Ideas

If you are not that into jewelry you can also use the 38th Year Anniversary as your theme, this is a great modern alternative if you are looking for gifts for friends or family that are celebrating 38 years together.

  • Prints of the Front Page of the newspaper from your Wedding Date.
  • A newspaper book of the front page and headlines from your Wedding Day.
  • 38 Gifts in a gift basket
  • An album of music that you know they both listened to 38 years ago, Ebay is a great place to find some masterpieces from the 80s.
  • And even better how about taking them to see their favorite band from the 80s, you would have such a laugh even if they aren't quite as you remember them.
  • Or a matching pair of 80s band t-shirts
  • There are lots of vintage 80s t-shirts on Etsy, Ebay and Amazon - think Ghost Busters, MTV, Star Wars
  • If they still have a video player hidden away you could look to find a classic movie from the year they were married, or you could get them a bit more up to date and find it on DVD. Even better if it is a limited edition or Director Cut with extra discs.
  • If they loved video games in the 80s then a classic game of pacman or space invaders could be just what they have been missing. You can get joysticks that you plug straight into your TV that you can play games on, you can also get vintage games consoles as well.
  • If they love speed you could treat them to a day at a race track in a classic 80s auto.
  • There are also a number of vintage car rallys that you could both go to if you want to make it more of a weekend.

The perfect 38th Anniversary gift is one that you know that they will love but equally one where they can see the thought and time you have put in to find it.

38th Anniversary Date Night Ideas

Think back to your eighties date nights and where would that take you?

  • Bowling
  • Movies
  • A Diner
  • The best club in town

Whatever it was then it can still be tonight and it will be a real trip down memory lane even if you don't live in the same place. To be fair even if you did it is unlikely that everything is still there.

Decide what you loved to do and take a step back 38 years ago and relive your best dates. You don't have to do everything as you used to and maybe finish the evening at your favorite restaurant now.

38th Anniversary Vacation Ideas

As well as physical gifts you can also use the 38th Anniversary symbols as inspiration for your Anniversary Vacation.

  • You could stay closer to home and vacation in the States as beryl can be found in California, Colorado, Connecticut, Georgia, Idaho, Maine, New Hampshire, North Carolina, South Dakota and Utah. Tourmaline can be found in the States in California and Maine.
  • If you are looking for more of an adventure you could look to travel to Europe as Beryl can be found in Austria, Germany and Norway and Tourmaline can be found in Italy where it was first discovered by the Dutch traders in the late 1600s.
  • If you would like to vacation in the Far East you could travel to the beautiful island of Sri Lanka.

Using the 38th Anniversary symbols as the basis for your vacation means that you can then gift travel gifts as well. This could be a prestigious leather case that they have always wanted or a leather travel wallet.

Wishing you a very Happy 38th Anniversary and not long now until your Ruby Wedding milestone which is four decades of marriage!

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