Gardening Gift Basket Ideas 

Garden lovers are passionate about their plants, flowers and seeds and whatever the size of their piece of paradise from a window box or shelf garden to acres, you know that they will love an anniversary gift that will enhance that experience.

For lots of couples creating a garden together is their special time and they will be able to watch everything bloom and grow.

There are lots of gifts you can buy for your garden and you can make it even more special if you theme your gifts to this year's anniversary symbol.

Choose a garden themed basket as a starting point for your gift, you could have;

  • a plant pot, 
  • a hanging basket, 
  • a gardeners trug or basket
  • a wooden planter
  • or a window box
  • If they love gardening and cooking how about combining the two in one fab gift basket.
  • Or if they love to entertain in their garden you could theme your gift around this.

Design your own gift basket here.

garden gift basket

If you don't fancy making your own gift basket there are also lots of fantastic garden themed gift baskets at Design Yourself Gift Baskets.

Gardening Gift Basket Filled With Anniversary Roses

If this year is a big anniversary and they love roses then there are lots of roses that are either the perfect color or that are named after that anniversary. Blue/grey Silver anniversary roses, pearl colored for your 30th, ruby red for your 40th anniversary, golden yellow for your 50th and diamond white for your 60th anniversary.

Roses do only naturally bloom in the summer months so if your anniversary is in the winter you may want to include lots of great photos of how stunning the roses will look! You could also add a colored plant pot for the rose to match your anniversary theme.

Shop for Roses at

Most Wished For Garden Tools

Gardening gadgets and tools are often wished for and there are some pretty amazing tools that will do all sorts of jobs. You could include one of these in their gardening gift basket.

A really decent gardening knife is a must have piece of kit for serious gardeners as it can be used for so many jobs; digging, prying, chopping, scraping, cutting, sawing, marking your spot and even opening your latest packet of seeds. The most recommended are the either the A.M Leonard models or a regular Hori Hori knife, there are fan groups for both.

If you take a look at Amazon's most wished for garden gadgets there are Germination Stations, Aero Gardens with extra LED for super growing powers, seed vaults and organic heirloom seeds to name a few.

Gardening Anniversary Gifts By Year

Fill your gardening gift basket with treats and gifts themed to the anniversary symbol for this year.

1st anniversary is paper which could be a gardening gift card, field notebook, packets of seeds, gardening books and magazines and membership to a national gardening club.

2nd anniversary is cotton and there are lots of fun gardening t-shirts and aprons, or kneeling cushions or a relaxing hammock.

3rd anniversary is leather and a number of gardening tools do come with leather pouches, the gardening knife we mentioned earlier definitely does. There are also leather gardening gloves and tool aprons.

4th anniversary is linen and there are a number of flowers named linen e.g the Californian poppy White Linen.

5th anniversary is wood, one of the easiest themes for a gardening gift, from planting trees to garden furniture, you could even personalize your gift with a little wooden sign. Talking of which wooden signs for the garden would make a very cute gift.

personalized garden toolset

Personalized Garden Toolset

This fantastic personalized Garden Toolset would make a great gift for the garden lover in your life.

Personalize the handles with your own message or their name.

Wooden handles and steel heads.

Available to buy in our Anniversary shop.

personalized garden sign

Personalized Garden Sign

They love their garden so much and you know they love to share it. This Personalized Wooden Garden Sign would be a great way to welcome guests.

Personalize with their name and your own message.

Available to buy in our Anniversary Shop.

6th anniversary is iron and again there are a number of wrought iron garden benches or tables that would make a great gift.

7th anniversary is copper which goes a beautiful green color if you leave it outside to weather. There are traditional copper watering cans, rather luxurious bird feeders and we even found a copper trowel which would make a very smart gift. As a side note copper tape is really good for deterring slugs but probably not the most romantic of anniversary gifts!

Photo by Jean L.

8th anniversary is bronze and there are lots of gorgeous garden statues in bronze. You could also look at planters, fire pits and wind chimes all of which come in bronze.

9th anniversary is pottery and you could gift planters with fabulous plants or a whole set of pots for them to create their own.

10th is tin and tins are always useful for storing all the gardening bits that are easy to use. You could gift a personalized tin for their seeds and string or there is also a fabulous heirloom seeds tray which has little tins for seeds to be stored. This is a great gift for the couple to create their own dream garden and to make it even more special you could include seeds from your own or friends and family’s gardens.

11th anniversary is steel and lots of gardening tools have steel blades or are made from steel. Have a peak in their sheds and see what tools they may be missing to add to their collection. If they are just starting out on their gardening journey you could buy them a set of must have tools.

"If I had a flower for every time you made me smile and laugh, I’d have a garden to walk in forever"

Alfred Lord Tennyson

12th anniversary is silk and a silk hammock would be fabulous to relax in.

13th anniversary is lace and there are plants with lace in their names such as the Queen Anne Lace plant which has very pretty flowers, seeds would be the easiest way to gift these. Or there are also lace parasols or you could great lace covered jars for outdoor lanterns or vases.

14th anniversary is ivory and you will need to go with the color or name, there are lots of plants and gardening accessories that will have this. If you live anywhere near the rainforest you could think about growing your own Tagua tree which produces nuts that are used as an ethical alternative to ivory. There are lots of very natural looking tagua jewelry pieces.

15th anniversary is crystal which make perfect sun catchers for your backyard.

Photo by Frankie Leon

20th anniversary is china and we are sure they would love their own Head Gardener and Gardeners Assistant mugs or similar.

25th anniversary is silver for silver colored plants, there are lots of silver leaved plants and flowers. Doubt that they will need or want any silver plated gardening tools unless they are for show.

30th anniversary is pearl which again you will mainly need to go with the color to find a great gardening gift, unless you are lucky and can find some beautiful mother of pearl handled gardening scissors.

40th is ruby – beautiful red roses, geraniums or any other of their favorite deep red colored flowers.

50th anniversary is gold – again gold colored roses, Marigolds or Sunflowers. The latter two would be great for grandchildren to grow to gift as they are relatively easy to get started and then you can leave it to the experts to take over.

Homemade Gardening Anniversary Gift Ideas

handpainted pebble
  • Mini terrariums – you can buy all of the parts and then add tiny air plants
  • A collection of seeds with cute labels such as “to watch your love grow”
  • Paint plant or vegetable names on rocks and include packets of seeds
  • Hamper of garden delights; their favorite gardening gloves, a mini trowel or small tool, some seeds or seedlings and the basket could be a planter
  • Plant a tub for their patio
  • Plant a window box if they live in a small space
  • Plant a herb garden

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