7 Year Anniversary Gift Ideas & Meanings

7 years together is a lucky milestone, one to celebrate and saying you have been married for 7 years seems so much longer than 6! And yes I know it is only one year but it definitely sounds longer.

You have made it into the old married couples group :)

7th Anniversary Gift Meanings

Traditionally your 7th anniversary is celebrated with wool or copper.

Wool represents the warmth and security you have as a married couple.

Copper represents good luck and good fortune, something that you have in bucket loads.

On the modern list 7 years is celebrated with desk sets, and really we can’t find a meaning or a reason why such a gift would even exist on an anniversary list! The joy of writing each other love letters is at least a very romantic gift that could come from great desk items.

7th Anniversary Gift Ideas 

  • Wool scarf
  • Wool jumper/sweater
  • Wool socks
  • Wool roses
  • Wool blanket – great for a picnic or for keeping warm while sitting out one evening.
  • Copper bracelet
  • Copper engravings
  • Copper vase
  • Copper jewelry
  • Copper colored items
  • Copper pots if you both love to cook

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