Gift Ideas For Indian Parent's Anniversary

Celebrating your parent's Anniversary in India is important as their special day and celebration of their marriage is the beginning of their and your journey as a family.

It is believed that when family and friends come together to celebrate a Wedding Anniversary in India with love, the couple's love for each other increases and it is a day for couples to put any differences and disagreements aside.

So for that reason alone you should all be celebrating your parents’ anniversary!

Even if you are not at home or in the same country as your parents you can still join in their anniversary celebrations by sending an anniversary gift for them both to enjoy and let them know that you are thinking of them.

india parents anniversary

Unique Anniversary Gifts For Your Parents

The best gift for your Indian parents will be something that they will treasure or a functional gift that they will use every day.

Your parents are incredibly proud of you, loving to tell everyone what you have been up to and your Anniversary gift to them will be no different. You will want to find the perfect anniversary gift that they will love to show to their friends and other family members. Maybe even showcase in their living room for everyone to see.

Some ideas of gift that they can enjoy every day are

  • Personalized Coffee Mugs
  • Photo Frames filled with photos of them and the whole family
  • Personalized Picture Frame filled with your favorite photo or picture of the two of them.
  • A key chain with your photo which you know your Mom will love
  • Personalized Photo Albums
  • A family tree on canvas with your parents, you and any siblings, plus spouses and grandchildren all together on one tree to show how your parent's have brought you all together.
  • Couple watches - matching his and her watches, engraved with either their names and wedding day or your parents' wedding anniversary.
  • Matching luggage or premium leather goods.
  • Personalized wine glasses
  • Anniversary plates

You could also look for inspiration from your parent's Wedding Day, this could be a copy of the newspaper headlines from their Wedding Day, or a framed Wedding Photograph that has been safely stored in a box for years. If your parent's had their wedding filmed this could be digitised and brought back to life. Just imagine their delight when they see themselves and their family celebrating again. It would make a trully unique gift and remind them of the good old days.

If you add customization to the gift by having their names and their wedding date engraved or a poem or quote that you know they will love, it will make the gift treasured even more.

And a meaningful gift is one that they will treasure and celebrates your parents’ wedding anniversary.

Anniversary Gift Ideas By Year

There is a gift symbol for each year your beloved parents are married, it is a tradition that starts from their 1st anniversary and goes all the way up to their 80th.

You can see all of the Anniversary gift symbols and meanings here.

The traditional Anniversary gifts by year concentrate on the main Anniversaries or milestone Anniversaries and they provide inspiration for a thoughtful gift that you know your parent's will love.

You probably know most of them already but here is the traditional gift list for inspiration with lots of beautiful gifts.

1st Anniversary is paper, this could be photographs, books, a gift card, or a heart shape origami

2nd Anniversary is cotton, this could be a fun gift such as matching t-shirts or new bed linen

3rd Anniversary is leather, this would be a great tim to gift matching leather luggage or travel wallets.

4th Anniversary is linen, this would be great time for a personal canvas print with either a painting or photo of the two of them, or an inspirational quote.

5th Anniversary is wood which could be a wooden photo frame, a clock, wooden jewelry

10th Anniversary is tin which you could fill with their favorite things.

15th Anniversary is crystal this could be an engraved decanter, whisky glasses, wine glasses, a crystal Anniversary clock

20th Anniversary is china which could be coffee mugs or an anniversary plate or an ornament to add to their collection.

25th Anniversary is silver which could be a silver candelabra, an engraved silver frame or silver clock or items decorated with silver.

50th Anniversary is gold which could be gold coins, jewelry, or gold decorated glasses and crockery. A remarkable occasion like a golden anniversary needs to be celebrated with the best wedding anniversary gifts.

75th Anniversary is diamond which you may want to look more to diamond looking items like crystal or splash out on watches decorated with diamonds for both of your parents.

80th Anniversary is oak which can be celebrated with the planting of a tree or a treasured piece of oak furniture.

90th Anniversary is granite and there are some stunning granite statues and outside ornaments.

You can see that as the years go by your lovely parents get to enjoy more precious gifts.

Wishing that your parents will be blessed with a healthy and long life it is quite possible that they will celebrate their 50th Wedding Anniversary and beyond.

The oldest married couple were Karam and Kartari Chand who were married in India in 1925 and were able to celebrate their 90th Wedding Anniversary which is granite.

Your parent’s anniversary could be even bigger than this.

And if that is the case then you will need to get ready to let the Guiness Book of Records know too!

Sending Your Parent's Anniversary Gift To India

You may not be in India with your parent's on their Anniversary but you can obviously send an Anniversary Gift to them.

  • Amazon would be a good start to find most items to send to your parents.
  • A hamper of all their favorite goodies would be a great treat. Remember to avoid prohibited items such as alcohol, tobacco and perishable items.
  • Or a bouquet of flowers with your own anniversary message.
  • Or have a look at monthly subscriptions that both of your parent's will enjoy. This could be their favorite treat or a monthly gift to add to their collections. It could be a monthly plant subscription.

When you are looking to send gifts to your parents in India there are a few extra requirements that are needed.

Firstly your parents will need to have some form of official ID to show that they are who they say they are, plus make sure you check that who you are ordering your gift from can deliver to your parent's address.

Examples for identification that could be used are

  • passport
  • drivers license
  • PAN card
  • voter's identity card

There are also customs charges which can be upto 30% and will need to be added to the amount, so be aware of this as that could make your parent's gift much more expensive.

Also, have a look at the prohibited items that can't be sent into India here 

You will see that items of gold and silver as well as electronic items are not allowed.

Quite a few dedicated gift to India websites will take care of all of the custom requirements which will give you piece of mind but you can end up paying more for this.

You may be better off sending a gift to your parents from a store in India rather than trying to send a gift through customs, especially if you were looking to send items from the prohibited list like jewelry or a new gadget.

If you have the budget why not pay for your parents to visit you, so rather than the gift being sent to them they are the gift.

Organize A Surprise Anniversary Party

party ideas parents

Organizing a surprise party for your parents anniversary will be a wonderful way to show your parents how much you love and admire them. After all a celebration for an Anniversary organized with love will help increase your parent's love for each other.

And it's a great way to get all your family together and have a good time partying.

You can print of a free Anniversary Party planner and checklist here.

As well as a party your parents may want to renew their wedding vows and have a smaller more intimate celebration this time round where they celebrate their loving relationship.

This will be a memorable gift and one that lots of you can help put together.

Don't forget a special cake and possibly themed party decorations.

Most of all though your parents will want to spend time with you and your siblings. They will love that you want to spend time with them and it could be as simple as planning a dinner at their favorite restaurant or inviting them over to your home and you cooking for them.

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