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20th Anniversary Gift Ideas For Your Parents

Finding a 20th anniversary gift for your parents that won't cost a fortune and that doesn't fall into the group of tacky anniversary gifts (there is plenty of time for those!) can take some thinking.

  • Traditionally a 20th anniversary is celebrated with china and this is a great starting point for your anniversary gift.
  • China can mean plates, bowls, mugs and gorgeous ornaments.

The symbol of china for your parent's anniversary of twenty years represents how well they have looked after their marriage and the care and love that they share.

20th Anniversary Rose

china 20th anniversary rose

Not just flowers, but themed flowers.

This beautiful rose is made from china and is available to buy from Just Paper Roses.

This one is mainly for your Mom but we are sure both your parents would love the beauty.

20th anniversary personalized plate

Anniversary Plate

This is a lovely gift to show off the 20 years your parents have been married and it fits really well into the traditional theme.

More information at Zazzle

Mr and Mrs Mugs

Heart shaped mug handles and personalized with your initials. The prefect way to start your anniversary day.

We have lots of Anniversary Mugs that would be perfect for your parents.

20th anniversary personalized figurine

The Perfect Couple

This beautiful figurine can be personalized with your parents' names and their wedding date.

A lovely way to show your Mom and Dad just how much they are loved. 

Again it fits with the theme very well!

More details about this personalized couple's stature and where to buy are here...

20th anniversary platter for your parents

Personalized Anniversary Plate

A fitting gift for your parent's 20th Anniversary, a personalized keepsake and maybe the start of a tradition, with one for every year?

You can personalize the Anniversary year and add your parents' names and wedding date.

More information and where to buy here ...

Fun Gift Idea

There are lots of fun anniversary mugs, we thought this one was very cute "Always Mr and Mrs", or "Mr and Mrs Perfect".

Lots more mugs at Zazzle

Homemade 20th Anniversary Gift Ideas

  • With the theme of china you could look at cooking your parent's favorite meal and serve it on the best china!
  • Or how about  breakfast in bed?
  • Or a twist to the theme and cook a Chinese banquet.

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