Anniversary Gifts While Deployed

Being deployed and away from the love of you life is tough and so is staying at home and missing them, especially when it is your Anniversary.

It is your special day and even though you are miles apart there are lots of ways to show them how much you love and miss them.

1.       A care package is sweet and lovely Anniversary Gift while deployed and perfect as you can send them all of their favorite things in it too...

  • photos of you, 
  • a cake you have made, 
  • candy, 
  • a homemade gift 
  • DVDs
  • and any of their favorite toiletries. 
anniversary gift while deployed - care package

Photo by Jayel Aheram

2.       Flowers can be delivered virtually anywhere in the world and they are sweet and romantic.

3.       An extra long skype call where you have time for each other, as if it was a romantic date.

anniversary gift while deployed - personalized compass

4.       A compass so they can find their way back to you.

Some ideas for engraving could be ...

  • "So you can always find your way home to me"
  • The co-ordinates of home
  • We will soon be together again
  • Counting the days

This compass is available to personalize and buy in our Anniversary Gifts Store

5.       A framed photo of the two of you.

6.       Tickets to see something when they get back, as an extra thing for you both to look forward to.

  • Your favorite sports team
  • A concert you have always wanted to see, plus you could send them a copy of their latest cd as your Anniversary gift along with the tickets. Or you may want to keep the tickets at home and send them a copy, you never know where they may get lost otherwise!
anniversary gift while deployed - personalized home puzzle

7.       A jigsaw puzzle showing your home,

It will keep them busy during their time off and they will love the personalized surprise their jigsaw will show when they have finished it.

Available in our Anniversary Gifts Store

8.       A best hubby or best wife ever t-shirt because we all need to hear our fantastic we are!

anniversary gift while deployed - best hubby ever t shirtAvailable in store today
anniversary gift while deployed - best wife ever t shirtAvailable in store today

9. Or how about a personalized Anniversary book or coupon book to show them how much you love them.

anniversary gift while deployed - love coupons

10. Anniversary gift ideas to send to your wife if you are away could be...

If you are looking for help and support while your husband is deployed there is a great book that has been recommended lots, The Daffodil Girls.

It captures the love and strength of Army wives.

Wishing you both a speedy return to each other, Happy Anniversary from all of us.

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