Homemade Anniversary Gift Ideas

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These homemade anniversary gift ideas are perfect for every anniversary as they can be easily personalized with names, dates and little love quotes.

Ideas can come from all sorts of sources, one of our favorite online places for inspiration is Etsy.com, if you haven't visited the site before then it is a must!

This is where all the very crafty and talented people hang out and sell their amazing homemade gifts. Not only will you find great ideas, you will probably find the perfect gift without you even having to lift a finger to make it yourself. Okay you may have to click with the mouse but perfect if you are full of enthusiasm but not great at finishing any craft projects yourself!

Our Most Popular Homemade Anniversary Gifts On Pinterest

We love finding and sharing great gift ideas and our absolute best place to do this is on Pinterest but wow you can lose so much time. It's all so good!

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ABC of love
  1. Framed wedding vows - perfect for your 1st anniversary which is paper
  2. Cuddle kit - how cute is that?! And it's your shout what you put in it; blanket, CD, wine, chocolates.
  3. Personalized ABC of love
  4. Framed collage of fun times and sweet memories
  5. 365 days of why "I Love You"
  6. Date Jar
  7. Canvas Art

Homemade Anniversary Gifts For Parents

Your parents will love that you have taken the time to make your own Anniversary gift.

Here are some favorites ...

happy anniversary plate

Photo by Ralph and Jenny

  • A classic and personal homemade anniversary gift ideas are to paint glasses or plates with the anniversary dates and their names. Use glass pens to keep your work neater and they will look beautiful. Some glass jars that we decorated for candles last summer have been out in the garden all winter - through snow and rain and they still are as bright as the day we decorated them.
  • collage of photos and souvenirs from their wedding years is a good fun present and will bring back lots of memories for the anniversary couple. Or you could use the photos to make a scrapbook - it could be pictures of all the houses they have lived in or a picture from every year. If the wedding photographs are not in an album this could be your opportunity.
  • Homemade anniversary gift baskets are a popular choice and something that can easily be made at home. All you will need is a basket or any container - you could use a box, a tin, a canvas bag - match the container with the theme for a complete look. You could theme the basket with gifts appropriate to their anniversary or fill the basket with their favorite goodies. Make the basket look even more professional by wrapping it in cellophane and tying with a big bow.
homemade chocolate truffles

Photo by Vidya Crawley

  • If you are a great baker then cakes and cookies, or homemade truffles and chocolates would look great in a beautiful tin, this is a good gift for children to make as they will enjoy the making just as much as giving the gift! Licking the bowl has to be one of life's great pleasures!
  • Sewed samplers and cross stitch pictures are an old fashioned timeless gift and if you could get lots of you together you could design and make a quilt. This will take a lot of commitment to organize and piece together. You could have the sections made by different parts of the family or set aside some time each week where you all sit down and sew.
  • With the wonders of modern technology you can ring to life old black and white photos, discover cine film and even more recently move video to DVD.

Any homemade anniversary gift ideas are unique to the anniversary couple, we all like different things, but by using the above ideas as a starting point you will end up with a truly beautiful gift.

what does your anniversary mean

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