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Alternative Ruby Anniversary Gifts

A ruby wedding anniversary gift celebrates 40 years of being married and rubies are stunning. Your gift however doesn’t have to be made of rubies, instead you could look to the color for inspiration.

Here are lots of stunning gifts that would fit with the ruby theme.

Ruby Colored Glass

You could toast 40 years of wedded bliss with these stunning red glasses. If you are planning to cook your own celebration meal then these glasses would add the splash of red that you need on your tables.

Available to personalize in store...

A red glass vase would add to your anniversary flowers that you were planning on sending. And this stunning handcrafted vase will be gorgeous for years after.

Murano handblown vase from Novica

40th Anniversary Flowers

Sending flowers on your anniversary is traditional, a bouquet of gorgeous ruby colored flowers would be very appropriate.

Or you could look to send this bouquet of gorgeous ruby crystal 40th anniversary flowers and these will last for years!

Available from Swarovski

Anniversary Clocks

A beautiful anniversary clock is another gift that can last for years and one that will be treasured.

40th Anniversary Gifts

Rather than ruby red, how about a themed gift?

Experience Days

We all love having fun and enjoying ourselves on our anniversaries, have you ever wanted to have a ride in a hot air balloon or enjoy a romantic meal on an evening cruise? Or do you like more of a thrill? All of these would make a memorable day and are available from Great American Days.

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