40th Wedding Anniversary Gifts For Your Wife

What do you buy your beloved wife after forty years of marriage?

Finding the best 40th Wedding Anniversary Gift is a lot easier when you follow the gift lists.

On the traditional list you celebrate with rubies ...

And since a Ruby represents friendship and love it is a particularly perfect gift to show how much you love them.

In our Gift Store we have lots of 40th Anniversary Gifts that they will adore ...

Choose a ruby and diamond necklace to represent the last 40 years of love or a personalized double heart pendant with both of your names and birthstones.

The ruby red heart trinket box would make the gift even more special.

Add your Anniversary kisses to their wrist with a fun red leather bracelet or crystal kisses to show how much you love them.

Toast 40 wonderful years with engraved glasses with your own message.

And keep memories safe in your own personalized Adventure box; photos, tickets and maps while thinking about where you would like the next adventures to be.

The personalized photo box can be filled with their favorite candy or maybe an additional Anniversary gift!

Or choose to remember where you both met or both come from.

Where you first met jigsaw puzzle will keep you both busy for a while! And we know a number of couples that have chosen to frame their map when they have finished as it makes a wonderful picture on your wall too.

The two States canvas is perfect if you both come from different parts of the country and is personalized with your names, all because you fell in love.

The framed heart map can be personalized with your own message.

Have fun with a personalized 40th Anniversary mug, even better if it is filled with their favorite coffee or tea and comes with breakfast in bed! Maybe even served on your very own personalized Ruby Anniversary plate.

Add to the romance by sending your words of love in your own Anniversary Message in a bottle to make your wife feel even more special.

Celebrating the past forty years is wonderful and it is great fun to look back over the years to see how far you have both come. Can you remember what else was happening on your wedding day? If your wife loves history a framed front page from your special day would be perfect.

You could use the Anniversary Journal to write down all of your favorite parts of your relationship, add stories and photos to make it your own. Or collect all of your favorite photos in your own Ruby Anniversary Album.

Wishing you both a very Happy 40th Anniversary!

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