Free Anniversary Poems For Everyone

We have some great free anniversary poems that are perfect to use as part of your celebrations. You could write one in a card or include it as part of your speeches at a party, they will help you say the words that you want to say.


by Mary
(Lancashire UK)

I could be brief and witty
With a pretty little ditty
Or serenade you with a sonnet, Shakespeare-style,
A jolly rousing song
As we're travelling along
To help to keep the pace up mile for mile.
I might eulogize our life
Together - man and wife,
In flowery verses for our special day,
But I hate to be a bore
And you've heard it all before,
After many happy years, what's left to say?
Except - Happy Anniversary!

Anniversary Dinner

by Alicia Lewis
(Oxford, England)

I didn’t light the candle,
To avoid the fire alarm.
It sat there solid, cold yet sentimental.
We feasted on microwaveable meals
And sparkling wine in plastic cups;
Playing at being grown-ups
With props and costumes, and feelings
Both childish and ancient in turn
And our little smiles.
We danced in the half lit kitchen while
We waited for the kettle;
I squeezed your hand when it struck me
That this is the only way it could be.
You held on tighter and
Knew just what I meant.

My Best Friends 1st Wedding Anniversary

by Amber Lynn Heidt
( Idaho)

My buddy just got married last month
In the month of May
She is going to have a great
Wedding anniversary
with her one true man
This will be her first
Wedding anniversary
But now I have a new friend
It's her husband ken
My friend Ruth has a new last name
I'll have to get use to their last name
But Ruth, and Ken are forever in my heart
And they will also be together forever
And my best wishes go to their
First wedding anniversary
Who knows, maybe they'll have a new baby!

Anniversary Poem For A Soul Mate

by Sam

The day I first met you, changed my life,
It brought me my best friend, it brought me my wife,
My life without you would not be the same,
As it is since the day that you took my name,
I thank you for everything, no words could explain,
You keep me happy, you make me sane,
I wake up each morning, happy to see,
My everything lying right beside me.

God Smiled on Me When He Gave Me You

by Yyuvone Heidelberger
(Memphis, TN)

God smiled on me
When He gave me you.
I can't believe that all my dreams
Are finally coming true
Of all the choices I made in the past
I have few regrets
'Cause every step I made back then
Led to the day we met.

We're living our own fairy tale
I knew if from the start
God reached down with His love
Tied a rope around our hearts
We start and end each and every day
Our love to renew
And now we celebrate that day
When we said "I do!"

Anniversary Vows

by Jeff Ewing

To see you each day
through eyes of love
To bite my tongue
when enough is enough

To touch your skin
as I walk by
A pinch to the rump
may even apply

To smell the roses
and count the stars
Though our love
dwarves both by far

To make each night
a woman’s dream
To hold you close
in a lover’s scene

To kiss your lips
for each come and each go
To make you smile
through each to and each fro’

To be the rock
when things go awry
To be the answer
when there’s so many why’s

To be a pillow
when we say goodnight
To live, laugh and love
with all my might

These things I vow
each year from my heart
For without you, my love
tomorrow could never start

Times Are Hard, Darling

by Shirley Elmokadem

Times are hard, darling

'What with there being a recession
I can't afford to buy a present.'
'That's all right,' you say,
'I wasn't expecting one anyway.'

'What with times being hard,
I couldn't even afford a card.'
'That's all right,' you say,
'I've still got last years anyway.'

'What with the company in liquidation
I cancelled the dinner reservation.'
'That's all right,' you say,
'I'm on a diet anyway.'

What with you understanding in this way,
Now I want to say.
'Happy anniversary, darling wife,
You are my soul, my light, my life!'

Be My Valentine

by Nancy Chen

It was that illustrious sunny day I saw him,
His figure dazzled in the rays.
He sauntered casually, then hesitated
Swooped up to me.
"Miss, are you waiting for someone?"
It was that moment that caught me.
"Yes, Sir, I am."
And then he flicked around and left,
Standing alone, watching after his retreating,
flamboyant figure.
His looks aren't exactly identical,
to the Ben Stiller he wants to be.
But no, he's not Ben Stiller,
He is Romeo in Shakespeare's play,
And I am Juliet.
He is Edward is Meyer's book,
And Bella Swan is me.
He is my Prince Charming,
And I am his Snow White.
He is the soldier in war,
Who never says "die" .
He doesn't even shield when he sees,
a werewolf who could bite.
We were,
A pair of butterflies,
Always carefree and happy.
A pair of magnets,
Always inseparable.
A pair of earrings,
Always with matching thoughts.
A pair of flowers,
Shading each other from the darkness.
Two circles make one heart.
Our hearts were linked.
As Time Passed,
It was that illustrious, sunny day I mourned,
His figure dazzled in the rays
He sauntered casually, then hestitated,
Swooped up to me.
"Thanks Miss, thank-you."
It was that moment that caught me
He started, then hugged me tightly,
And he flicked around and left.
Standing alone, watching for the rest of my life,
by myself.
Will he return?
Please, be my Valentine.

Happy Anniversay Poem

by Gabriel Diaz
(Miami Beach)

I don't ever want
to take you for granted.
I don't ever want to forget
what it was like before you
or how it would be without you.
I don't ever want to forget
our first kiss
or our last touch,
or let a day go by
without telling you
how much I care...

I don't ever want you to doubt
the way I feel
or how much happier
my life is
because of you.

I love you.

Happy Anniversary

One More Year

by Makeiah
(Sicily Island, LA)

One more year,
Since we said our vows,
In front of friends,
And family.

One more year,
We been in love.
Growing stronger and stronger,
Love getting bigger and bigger.

Our anniversary so special,
Another year we celebrate together,
Golden years to come,
So special.

One more year,
We grown together,
Being best friends,
Not just lovers.

One more year,
Added to the ones before,
Enjoying our life together,
Celebrating our anniversary,

Poem For When We First Got Engaged

by William Croxton Jr

On this special day
I just want to proclaim
My devotion for you grows
Stronger in each and every way
Bringing forth another blessed
Year we are join together by our love

I'll Love In The Morning

by Dara Griffin
(Roscahill, Co. Galway, Ireland)

I'll love in the morning,
I'll love you in the evening,
when you've fallen to the ground,
it's my love you'll have found.
if you get sick of life,
if you hate the world,
I'll hold your hand,
I'll call your name,
and if I want to die,
I hope you'll do the same.
we've stumbled this far,
we've made it till here,
so let's not stop loving,
for just one more year.

Life's A Beach

by Susan Jones
(United Kingdom.)

Frothy waves upon the sand,
Walking along hand in hand.

Diamonds twinkling upon the sea,
You're the perfect man for me,

As we stroll along the shore,
Our love will last forevermore.

Idling away the hours in the day,
That's my perfect holiday.

This Date

by Stephanie Etieno I Xtian

A milestone annual
With thoughts and emotion
The smiles never ceasing like
The acts of devotion

From age to age
There is a reminder,
Such happening is an instant finder
Lover’s tale, Romeo and Juliet
For this favour I find is not one to regret
But rather embrace, I can clearly see
The value bestowed on your person
In an outwardly,

Work of a God, guided by a celestial founder
That deemed it fit to make your heart a sounder
Emitting sweet words that lay on my mind
And when I feel I miss them I always rewind

Something like a fairytale so I must be Cinderella
Except you’re the rain and I’m the umbrella
Together were antagonistic but we cannot fight
The significance of ourselves in dark and in light,
Modesty aside its simplistic delivery
Diagnosed and concluded a certified epiphany

Charmed and cherished they both define,
my consistent feelings in and out of time,
Day or year I’ll appreciate in good fate
Because my joy emission is evident from this date

Anniversary Poem For A Lovely Wife

by Craig Everett
(Benfleet Essex England)

The eyes that open and the sun that they see
A smile of glee at the day that will be
I can stare at the stars I can look at the sea
But nothing compares to the love that will be
Memories fade like tears in the rain
memories a mind with so much to gain
The moon will rise the moon will fall
A sunrise so beautiful standing so tall
A glance a smile a passion for life
At the end of the day I call her my wife.

Short And Sweet Anniversary Poem

I love you forever
I love you now
I love you until I don't know how

One More Year

by Makeiah
(Sicily Island, LA)

One more year,
We been married,
Falling in love more and more,
Day by day.

One more year,
We been together,
Like it was yesterday,
When we first met.

One more year,
We struggle,
Through obstacles in life,
Helping the other life.

One more year,
Our anniversary
So let's celebrate

Love Of My Life

by bobbi lea
(fulton ny united states)

From the first moment I saw you ,
I knew that I would love you.
from the first moment I kissed you ,
I wanted to keep you.
through good times and bad ,
when we were silly ,
and some times sad
I knew that I would always love you.
It's been three years since our first kiss ,
and that is something I never want to miss.
You are the love of my life,
and I'm so honored to be your wife.

Love Recaptured

by Bruce Beaney
(Ashford UK)

As days go by and years unwind
And time, at times, seems still
Before we know or start to guess
Time’s gone against our will

So let us heed the well worn phrase
Time stands still for no man
Sand seeps through, unhindered now
Decades now we span

The outside says sit back, don’t care
Beware, though, its misleading
Make the most of what you have
The heart gives truer feeling

Take the plunge, put in those steps
Where angels fear to tread
Time still flies but with resolve
Love once more will spread

All days should present for you
Your wants, needs and desires
But only you can open them
And find those dying fires

A special time, filled with love
The day that we were wed
Let not the hours ticking by
Remove sentiments then said

Thank You

by Suzan L. Wiener

You take me to new
heights, only the way you can.
You make my heart feel alive.
Your touch sends me into
ecstasy. When we're together I
can feel no sorrow, only
warmth and
You are the reason I go on.
You are the reason my days are filled
with delight. No one else can be the way
you are - so wonderful.
I thank you from my heart and soul.
That's why on our special day, I'm wishing
you a very happy

I Love You More Everyday

by David
(Limerick, Ireland)

Roses are red,
Violets are blue,
I still remember the day I fell in love with you,
Ten years to this day, you took my breath away.

You shot me a glance,
Who knew? It would be the beginning of a beautiful romance.
We fell blissfully in love,
Your hand in mine still fits like a glove.

Anniversary Poem For Mom and Dad

Happy Anniversary Mom and dad.
You both have been here for me since day one and
although this is your special day
to share with one another,
It's special, too, for everyone.
That's why so many loving thoughts
Come with this wish for you.
For everything to make this day
Just perfect for you two!
You both mean more each day to me
each day

We Fell Forever

by Lynda Blair Vernalia
(Westford, MA)

And there life was,
in that far away look in your eyes.
From a distant instant we two
recapture everything
we've been through.

I lay next to you
on soft brown fabric.
I stroked your hair,
soft as a feather and twice as magic.
When right in my mind
-- as if there the whole time --
love made me instantly blind.

And I couldn't let you go.
Now the diamond on my left finger
can show
the faith you had
that I wouldn't go.
On our anniversary
we know

by instinct or insight
-- or something less clever --
we knew that point was now or never;
so we made a choice to stay together.
In that one moment,
we fell forever.

One Month Anniversary Poem

by Jessy Griffin
(Conrath, WI, USA)

Hello, my lover,
Greetings, My Dear.
I am deeply wishing
That you were here.

Someday, I know
We will be one.
But for now we must smile,
We're still under one sun.

We're sharing the sky
Each and every day.
We walk the same earth
And continue to pray.

We will be together,
My hope is so strong.
I know yours is too,
So it won't be too long...

Before the sun sets,
In the sky that we share.
You'll be at home and in bed...
And I will be there.

Happy one month together,
My love and my light.
May we continue on forward,
In romantic delight.

The Photograph

by Val

She ran her fingers across his face
Brushing gently over his lips
He smiled back at her
That smile that touched her very soul
And would last forever
Even though he was gone
He still seemed so real
She could almost smell him
She wiped away a tear
Softly whispering the words
'Happy Anniversary Dear.'

Happy 11th Anniversary Poem

by Penny Bennett
(North Conway NH)

They say in time we do forget
for some.. that maybe true
But how on earth can I forget
the good times that we know..

I cannot give you riches,
a mansion or a car.
I cannot reach the heavens
to bring you down a star

But take this heart
I'll give to you,
it may not seem a lot
Please handle it with care as this has been saved
for you baby..
This is what I have to give to you...

Happy 11th Year Anniversary Baby..

A Year Today...

by Margaret Andrea Talbot
(Merseyside, England)

A year today my darling
Hasn't it flown by?
You're on my mind constantly
My special, loving guy.

I love you so very much
You know I really do.
And even though you never say
I know you love me too.

Wherever I may wander
Wherever I may go,
I know that you'll be by my side
My heart tells me so.

Today I bring you flowers
Just like I always do,
As this is now the only gift
That I can give to you.

I'll kneel and sit awhile with you
My smile will hide my pain,
As I am sure of one true fact
We'll be together again.

They say time is a healer
I say time's in the way,
For when we meet again my love
It will be the greatest day!

Words Found

by P

Somewhere someone's looking for the words...
To say, "I love you;"
To say, "I want to spend the rest of my life with you;"
To say, "I need you;"
To say, "You are my best friend."

I don't have to find the words
Because you make them easy to find.

I have so much to say;
We lasted more than a day
Being the people who we are
To have gotten this far
Brings me so much joy
That we did not have to employ
Facades to continue to be
You and me.

Sweet Wife

Love brought Us together
As husband and wife
And gave each of us
A best friend for life.

Wishing You a Lifetime
of Loving Memories

Happy Anniversary,

My Darling !!!

My Fairy Tale

by Jennifer Valentin
(Pine Beach New, Jersey)

When we made love, I cried
I cried because looking in your eyes
Was far beyond your eyes
I saw happiness
I saw dangerous moments
I saw my flaws
See I was on this emotional roller coaster like Floetry
But this was something so much different
Because this was my poetry
And your eyes were the color of Emerald like the Emerald City
And I didn’t know if I was Dorothy and should have followed the yellow brick road
Or if I was Toto and should have just played it cool.
All I knew was I was on a trip like Alice and I just wanted to search your
See you reminded me of Athena
Your skin pale and your back curved
Should I have painted you?
Taking a picture was beyond what
I desired because it didn’t seem to last long enough
But you were scared of me.
Like beauty in the beast I am Belle comfortable with you
But the Beast in you
Hides your face
your affection
See I know you are feeling things you never felt before
And your stepsisters continue to keep you from telling the truth
But Cinderella always finds her way out.
See I could take care of you like the seven dwarfs and if you
Ever left me I would find you like Prince Charming.
So let’s make history like the Princess and the Frog
And the three little pigs can be our witness
That love is not a potion
And that you remind me of Ariel swimming through the ocean
My head seems to be coasting through the sky
And I can be your Jasmine or your lullaby
Because see I always believed that fairy tales weren’t meant to be
But when I met you
I was complete
So continue to be my fairytale
And I’ll continue to stare in your eyes
Because my genie will never have enough wishes to grant me
And tigger can continue to bounce off the walls if that’s what makes him happy
And Winnie will never have enough honey to compare to you
So I’ll continue to live in my fairyland with you
And remain falling in love with you
Happy Anniversary

The Road to You

by Patricia Dewar
(Hamilton, Ontario Canada)

The road to you has taken a very long time
For me to finally reach and find
The love that some would say is due to fate
And that true happiness is really worth the wait

Being with you has been just grand
You are truly a wonderful and caring man
You touch me in ways you will never know
And that is why I've come to love you so

It's been one year since that fateful night
When we started down this road of flight
Though bumps and curves we have endured
You will be there for me I am assurd

Over all the ride has been just great
It has shown me that it's not to late
To find real love that is honest and true
The love I found at the end of the road to you

I Once Was A Woman And Then You Came Along

by Rochelle Travers
(United KIngdom)

I once was a woman of few words
I once was a woman incomplete
I once was a woman who desired nothing
I once was a woman saving a seat.

Then you came and finished my sentences
Then you came and I was finally complete
Then you came and ignited my desire
Then you came and I now celebrate,
Each and every year a new
The day we did meet
And the day that we said "I do".

Love At First Sight

by Chelsey Leigh Bowering

At first my heart began to beat
When I saw you in the street
My eyes were peering and began to stare
I began to shake and I didn't care

You're walk was memorising
And you clothes were sweet
You made me dizzy
And my heart skipped a beat

You hurried past me in a rush
Scared you may miss the bus
I got on and paid the fare
Sat in front and began to stare

You looked so innocent with a grin
Then I whispered "I'v fallen for him"
So here's my story of a princess and her knight
A story with a meaning it was love at first sight

Yet, On This Day

by Jeff Longeddy
(Harvest, AL)

I'd never thought to awake in wonder of you,
Nor did I anticipate marriage as a habit,
yet, on this day, I stand in awe

Your chair is waiting, as I for you,
the shower head drips, mourning your passing,
yet, on this day, I stand in awe

Tone of arguments, lament misunderstandings,
fiery gazes leave ozone as an afterthought,
yet, on this day, I stand in awe

You are expected, as a sunrise,
familiar as the face I shave,
yet on this day, I stand in awe

Yet, on this day, I stand in awe,
Thankful that in a world of billions,
You and I have this unique commitment

On Our Fourth Anniversary

by Ralph
(Tucson, AZ)

This year as we celebrate anniversary number four
I want you to know the reasons that each day I love you more and more
In life those things are most important to do
Are just the things that are most important to you
In these we share a common passion
And for these reasons my love for your grows each day in every fashion
To every person you show such deep respect, caring and concern
Every day with all of those who you interact, you seek to understand, listen and learn
You never fail to offer words of praise, compassion and love
And these principles always guide your life and are gifts from above
We each share this common way of approaching life every day in all we do
So, Sweetheart, on this, our fourth anniversary
I want you to know that for every day for the rest of my live, I will always love you

Anniversarys Are Meant For

by levana

Anniversarys are meant for happiness,
For joy and for laughter
Anniversarys are meant for people,
Like you and me
Anniversarys are meant to be,
Forever and always...
But most of all
Anniversarys are meant for love!

Anniversary Poem Love For All Times

by J. R. Cruz
(Tucson, Az.)

The love of my life is
truly my wife,
who brings no strife,
and makes me feel alive.

Another year here,
with never a fear,
that she will steer
to another "dear"

Our Anniversary of
Love sent from above,
as soft as a dove,
and still fits like a glove.

My heart of all hearts,
We never shall part,
For we had a great start
From Cupid's love-cart.

And when at that day
Where time's gone away,
We'll continue to say,
Our love's here to stay!

To My Everlasting Love

I know I've told you many times
How much I love you, Dear,
And how it seems to me
You grow still sweeter every year,
But since this is our special day,
I'm saying it once more
With an even deeper meaning
Than it's ever had before.

Here's To Forever

by Joseph Millen

When I first saw you
Your beauty blew me away.

When I got around you,
I knew where I was destined to stay.

In your mind, In your soul,
As well as heart.

Every time I look at you,
You beauty hits me like a dart.

When I think of you,
I wanna thank god for you.

This I promise,
To always be true.

I swear to love you with
breath I breathe.

You my sweet dear I
Will leave never.

So here's to you my wife,
Here's to Life!
Here's to Forever!!!

Freeze Not Thy Wedding Cake

by Kit Redeker
(Beaverton, OR USA)

White satin bows marched
down the rows of pews,
candles glowed at the altar,
and we made promises for years to come
before we ran into the August sun.
Our friends threw rice in
our young faces that hurt and stung
like hardships so soon to come.
A year later, a well-looked-at book
of photos reminded us of that day,
and in the freezer, to our dismay, we found
our cake's top layer in much sad disarray.
We laughed, and sharing sugar roses,
kissed stale frosting from our noses.

The Meaning Of Love

by John
(Redlands, Ca)

Love is but a word that seems much to simple adequately express my feelings towards you.

How can a simple word be so powerful yet we use it casually and quickly?

Love is a gift that comes in many forms but is hard to isolate it to just one sense.

A special smile,

A simple touch,

A soft sweet aroma

A whisper in my ear

A soft brush of your lips across mine.

A stroke of you hair across my skin

In this I find happiness, I find joy, I find the contentment that we all long for in this journey.

Your happiness is mine, your smile fuels me to be better.

The memories keep growing and expounding upon that first deep gaze into your eyes.

As our anniversary nears it reminds me of our first dance, that dance that allowed me to hold you tight to my chest not only as my wife but as my partner on our journey.

Love is our gift, I am the lucky one, I was blessed to find you,

Such a simple word but has such a deep meaning to me,

So the next time I brush the hair away from you face and look into your eyes and say "I love you" you will now know some of the things it means to me.

Happy almost anniversary, I love you

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