Short, Snappy Anniversary Card Verses

You want your anniversary card to look good, but not just that... you want you to look good too.

You want to show your romantic side in a witty way, and when it comes down to it you want to look like you mean it. That is more important than anything!

I love you more today than

I loved you yesterday,

And I will love you more tomorrow than

I love you today

You have NO idea how much my heart races when I am with you

forever quote

I have always known

it was you.

It will always be you.

To me you are perfect

Loved you then

Love you still

Always have

Always will

Warm congratulations

to a warm and happy couple

who have found life's dearest moments

in the happy life they share

May today be filled

with happy memories of the past

and beautiful dreams for the future

To the world you may

be one person

But in my world

You are the One

I just want to be with you... that is all

Tell me your dreams about us being together forever

And I will tell you my dreams about yours coming true

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