50th Anniversary Wine Glass Charms
Perfect For Your Party

50th anniversary wine glass charms are a cute decoration idea for a 50th anniversary party and they are a sweet gift too.

Wine glass charms are decorations that you can attach to your wine glass so you know it is yours! Very useful at a busy party! That way you can find your own wine glass.

homemade 50th anniversary wine glass charm

They are also great as part of your 50th anniversary party decorations. A whole table filled with wine glasses with these pretty charms on them will look great, and they will also add extra color to your table.

With these homemade wine glass charms you could easily make lots for your anniversary favors too! You could gift the one on the glass or have little favor tins filled with a mini set of wine glass charms. They are an unusual but practical anniversary favour, so you know they won't get left behind!

You can buy them in themed sets but you can just as easily make them yourself.

How To Make Your Own 50th Anniversary Wine Glass Charms

What You Will Need

  • Memory wire - available from most craft stores
  • Or Earring findings, the kind that would make big hoop earrings - again available from most craft stores. The wine glass charm at the top of the page is made with hoop earrings.
  • Gold beads or charms, you will need a variety of different ones otherwise finding your own wine glass will be tricky!
  • Pliers

What You Will Need To Do

  1. Cut a piece of memory wire and shape into a loop that you are happy being the size of your 50th anniversary wine glass charms.
  2. If you have bought the earring hoops then you are ready to go!
  3. Take the gold beads and charm and thread them onto the wire.
  4. Use your pliers to create a hook and loop at either end of the wire so they can be fastened together.
  5. You are done!

Wine Glass Charm Kits

You can also buy kits to create your wine glass charms.

These are already made and come with a gold pen that you can use to write your guest's name on.

50th anniversary wine glass kit

This kit is available on Amazon here

Where You Can Buy Them?

Of course, if making them is not your thing then it is worth looking at these ready made ones on Amazon here.

And it isn't cheating, it's being clever with your time!

Especially if you only need a few of them, it can be more cost effective buying a few readymade ones than paying for all the craft bits you need to make them.

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