Vow Renewal Invitations

If you are planning on having a vow renewal ceremony you are going to need invitations!

Your invitations will need to be full of information as vow renewal ceremonies are still not common practice. Most of us if we are going to do it will wait until we have a big anniversary and then have a double celebration.

Design Ideas For Your Vow Renewal Invitations

Your invitations can be any design you want. There is no expectation when it comes to a vow renewal ceremony, which is lovely but does mean you have more choice! And sometimes too much choice can be overwhelming.

Ideas that look lovely are to theme your invitations to your anniversary symbol;

  • silver for your 25th, 
  • pearl for your 30th, 
  • 35th is jade or coral, 
  • 40th is ruby, 
  • 45th is sapphire, 
  • 50th is gold, 
  • 55th is emerald 
  • and 60th is diamond. 

All of these themes do have distinct colors which could be the base of your design.

Another idea is to have the number of your anniversary on the front of the invitation in big and bold.

Or some fun ideas that we have come across are to have a photograph from your wedding and a more recent one. Or a cute phrase - "We Still Do" or "Just Married Again".

Wording For Your Invitations

vow renewal invitations

Your invitations will need to have the practical stuff; what, when, where and also set the tone for the celebrations.

The wording for a traditional ceremony would be very similar to a wedding invitation.

Bill and Sarah Smith request the pleasure of your company

as they celebrate 50 years of marriage

by renewing their wedding vows on 21st May 2030 at 5pm

at The Beach, Bournemouth

followed by a reception at the Pavilion Ballroom

or quite often the invitation will be from the couple's children:

Sarah and Tom Smith

Invite you to share in the joy as their parents

Mr and Mrs Bill Smith

Renew their vows on their 30th anniversary

On Friday 21st May 2020 at 5 o'clock

At St Mary's Church, Cheltenham

Followed by a black tie reception at the Cotswold Country Club

Or you could go for a more informal invitation which could be sent as a letter or a card.

Dear Simon and Suzanne

It's our 25th wedding anniversary this year and to celebrate we are renewing our vows at The Pier on Bournemouth beach, where it all began on Saturday 22nd May 2015 at 3pm.

We would love it if you could join us for the ceremony and a picnic on the beach after.

Love Sarah and Bill

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