Photo Wedding Anniversary Invitations

Choosing Your Photo

Photo wedding anniversary invitations are a great way for your invites to be personal. You could have a photo from your wedding day or one from now or even both. If your party is fancy dress you could have a picture of you both of you dressed for your theme, if your party is themed for the eighties I am sure you could find an appropriate photo without raiding the fancy dress cupboard!

This is of our 10th anniversary invitation and the photo is from our wedding day.

If you want your party to be more formal then a photo from your wedding or when you were both celebrating would be perfect, there only ever seems to be pictures of us together at parties or weddings!

Alternative photos for your wedding invitations could be;

  • a photo of your first house together, 
  • you could have photos of the front doors,
  • a photo of your favorite place, or where you were married, 
  • where you had your first date with the words - This is where it all began! 

Photos that are personal to you are ones that make the best wedding anniversary invitations.

Shop Photo Anniversary Invitations

These invitations can be personalized by adding your own photos, the anniversary you are celebrating and also your names.

Designing Your Wedding Anniversary Invitation

Most computers some with packages to design cards, have a look at your program files for MS Publisher or you can use free downloads from Serif. You may also need a scanner to have your old photos for the invitations, the example wedding invitation at the top has a picture of us on our wedding day which we scanned in as we were married long before digital cameras, although there was color - we just chose to turn the picture into black and white!

If you don't have your own graphics program on your computer have a look at, it is a free online graphics program and is brilliant. This blue photo invitation is one that I have put together using their program.

As well as adding the photo to your design, think about the color - 25th is silver, 30th is pearl, 35th is jade or coral, 40th is ruby red, 45th is sapphire and your 50th anniversary is gold. You could have the lettering in that color or you could have a border in the color, or print your wedding anniversary invitations out on colored paper - just make sure it is not too dark otherwise you won't see the printing.

Online Photo Invitation Suppliers

This is one of the very few invitation suppliers that actually has modern designs!

They have lots of photo invitations that you can choose from and the wording can be changed by you.

If there is an invite that you love but has the wrong year on then you have the chance to change it.

More information on their Anniversary Party Invitations

photo anniversary invitation

Zazzle Invites

Zazzle has lots of invites to choose from and you can even design your own that they will print for you.

You could use your own graphics and photos that you have designed yourself and upload the whole thing to Zazzle.

You can even have the same design on a mug, apron, t-shirt and loads of other stuff too.

More information at Zazzle.

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