Unique Anniversary Gifts

Unique anniversary gifts are all about finding something that is not the norm, almost a gift that is worth showing off about and one that will delight your partner.

  • Unique is not flowers and chocolates but it could be a new rose named after them, or your garden planted with the flowers that you had at your wedding many years ago.
  • Chocolates that follow a gourmet meal that you have either made yourself are unique. Or if you have treated yourselves to a trip to Belgium to see how they make their yummy chocolates, then these chocolates are unique.

Quite often finding a unique gift is about taking a great gift and making it better. That is why using anniversary gift lists can spark an idea that turns into the most unique gift ever.

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You both are unique, so having your anniversary caught in time is a great way  to capture your uniqueness.

A fun gift is to have your very own caricature as this captures more about you both than a photo can.

More information for your own personal hand-painted caricature print of the two of you.

A more romantic way to commemorate your anniversary would be this lovely personalized canvas.

A gorgeous photo of the two of you, with your names and "Forever..."

This is available from Personal Creations

Take your 1st wedding anniversary gifts, traditionally that is paper and so you could think a picture or a book, instead make it unique by having photos from your wedding or a sketch of the bouquet or your wedding dress. These are great unique gifts that will last forever.

An anniversary gift doesn't have to be something physical to open, it could be a trip to a place that you have always wanted to go and if you tie it in to the traditional or modern anniversary gift lists this will make it even more special. Your 20th is traditionally celebrated with China, now this could mean a new dinner service or it could be a once in a lifetime trip to China.

 Have a look at all of the lists to get more ideas.

Amazing experience gifts

Your gift can also be something that you have never tried before, it could be a thrilling white water rafting experience for the more adventurous or a spa weekend for you both to relax.

Your gift doesn't have to be flamboyant, it is about being able to spend time with each other and celebrate how far you have come.

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