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Anniversary Memory Box

An Anniversary Memory box is a lovely gift that will be used every year and one that will be filled with treasured memories.

Can you imagine yourselves 50 years from now opening up your own keepsake box and looking over all those good times you have shared?

It is such a special thing to do and even more special to give a Treasure box as a gift.

But where is the fun in gifting an empty box?

It would be much more fun to start them off on their journey with a few memories that you have enjoyed.

Anniversary Memory Boxes

These beautiful memory boxes are available in our Gifts Store, where they can be personalized with names and wedding dates.

Making them a beautiful personal Anniversary Gift.

Top Ten Anniversary Memories 

Here are our Top 10 Memories to add to their keepsake box for them…

1.       A really old photo of the two of them that you have, hopefully with a questionable haircut and fashion of the decade!

2.       A concert ticket or CD of their favorite music from when they first started dating.

3.       A souvenir from the place that they had their first date – it could be a menu, a flyer from a club or even a postcard.

4.       Your wedding invitation to their big day

5.       A photo or photos from their wedding day that you took and they may not have seen.

6.       A photo of their first house together and more houses if they have lived in quite a few.

7.       Something that they both love to do – fan souvenir from their team, memorabilia from their school if they were high school sweethearts or an item from their sport

8.       A map of where they have lived, or their favorite place

9.       A list of why they make such a great couple

10.   And how about a list of items that they need to find to put in their Anniversary Memory Box before they disappear, it will be like their very own Anniversary Treasure Hunt!

  •      Where they were engaged
  •       Something with their first address on
  •        Maybe even an old front door key
  •     A souvenir from their wedding day – confetti, a pressed or dried flower, wedding cards      they received.
  •      Photos of their homes
  •      Photos of their vacations
  •       A CD of their favorite music
  •       Love note to each other

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