50th Anniversary Poems

The Marriage-50 years later

by Ellen Denton
(Afton, Wyoming)

You and I have been together for a long time
and what never ceases to amaze me
is that after all the years, with their freight
of burdens that we've weathered together;
the good times and the bad, the joys and
sorrows, the problems, fights and moments
of solidarity in times of trouble and travail,

I can STILL look at you with the ardor and passion
of my first waking love for you;
that you can still make my heart skip a beat
simply by walking into a room
or I can watch you sleep and feel
something akin to a Beethoven symphony
stirring in my blood.

Time and distance never have and never will
break the bonds we share. I will love you
more with each passing year, and on this
special day, what I really want you to know
is that if I was the achitect of eternity,
I'd be spending it with you.

The Two Together

by Linda Troy
(Cranberry Township, PA USA)

Long ago and Far away
Linda and Dennis were born almost on the same day.
Who would have known as years gone by, that Dennis would be the Groom and Linda the Bride.
The TWO TOGETHER are still quite a pair, their FIFTIETH Anniversary they want to share.
So friends and family from State to State, won't you please come help us celebrate?

Infinite Love

by Nancy
(Toms River,NJ)

Tropical island, down by the sand,
You gazed at me and took my hand,
"You're the only one for me,
Please be my wife and marry me."

That night we cuddled by the sea,
Pledged our love for all eternity,
And underneath the starry sky,
We knew our love would never die.

Memories stored like hidden treasures,
Our life was blessed with many pleasures,
And through the years we'd often say,
"I love you more than yesterday."

Now fifty years have gone on by,
We still stand at each other's side,
And today we celebrate our golden years,
For all the love and life we shared.

Always Standing By

by Anne Holladay

Your smile is ageless
Our laughter can't ever die
Trouble will eventually melt away
And time together will always fly
Our memories might fade with time
And the days may grow short
But our love will always stand by
Happy anniversary to us
My angel, my heart,
May we spend 50 more years never apart

Then and Now

by Susan Casey
(Sykesville, MD)

Check out the photo
taken 1960
our hair, our clothes
not quite so nifty.

Now look today
as we wear matching 'sweats
to the mirror we say
"this is good as it gets?!?!"

Our noses have grown
our ears are more hairy
wrinkles spring forth
my we look kinda scary

whiskers in places
they never should be
age spots and blue hair
and NO hair to see.

Why did we capture
that photo for life?
50 years later
are you still my wife?

And You - you're no better
you old man, Pop-pop
Thank goodness for progress
we bought Photoshop!

Where Did The Years Go?

by Wilma
(Granite City, Il.)

Wasn't it just yesterday that you swept me off my feet
And turned my young life upside down
To make my life complete?
I could not think of anything
But loving you that day
My world was you and only you
How could I make you stay?
Very soon you offered me
A little band of gold.
You would be mine, I would be yours
Always to have and hold.
That day we began a journey
On our road through life.
It wasn't without hardships,
Many struggles and strife.
But the good outweighed the bad.
The years have truly flown.
We're going on together
Now that are children are grown.
You and me, me and you
Here we are again.
We journey on together
As we did way back then.

50 Is Like Forever

by Nancy Prucha
(Naperville, IL)

Fifty years together
I would have said never.
Listening to hours of snores,
I should have said no more!
All the times that you farted,
I should have departed.
All the lines and wrinkles
Are like a paper bag that's crinkled.
But, stay with you I did.
Ever since I was just a kid.
50 is like FOREVER!
Man what an endeavor!

To My Husband, My Best Beau

by Clydia
(Ruston, LA)

In 7th grade I first saw you,
Standing on the back row,
Pinching the silly girls;
They were giggling so!
(Will HE notice me?
I puzzled aloud.)
Not in this lifetime!
Retorted my crowd!

You didn't see me then;
Much later we romanced;
Married, raised children;
I remained entranced.

Fifty years later,
You still make me glow;
You're the LOVE in my life.....
My Very Best Beau.

Happy Golden Anniversary to MY Best Beau!

After All These Years

by Carolyn Whitaker
(St. Louis, MO USA)

Fifty years have come and gone,
since the day we said, ‘I do’.
Even after all these years,
I'm still in love with you.
Although we are quite different
than we were so long ago,
I still can sometimes catch a glimpse,
of the boy I used to know.
It happens with a certain smile,
or the way you wink at me,
that takes me back to yesterday
and the girl I used to be.
We've had our little ups and downs,
we've weathered many storms,
but through it all, I always knew
that home, was in your arms.
Now that we are growing old,
one thing remains quite true,
even after all these years . . .
I'm still in love with you.

Just The Start

by J.

Her wrinkled smile
His tender heart
There quiet moments
Shared in the dark
Family pictures hung on the wall
Grandkids growing up so tall
50 long years of being sweethearts
But for them it’s just a start

So Fast

by Dawn Langford
(Fayetteville, Ga)

Fifty years
happiness and tears.
Gone by so fast
I hope it lasts


by Ellen Denton
(Afton, Wyoming)

Because when I was home with the flu you waited on me hand and foot, and even though I behaved worse than a three year old,
you only rolled your eyes once.

Because on that day when I promised to take you out to a show and a romantic dinner but ended up spending the whole time tinkering in the garage, you came in with a sandwich for me.

Because when I was watching that one really sad scene in that silly movie I had tears in my eyes, but you tactfully pretended not to notice.

And because that day when I refused to ask for directions
and we drove around in circles for an hour
with me insisting the whole time
that we weren't lost,
you held your tongue.

Whoever said every day in a marriage is like a ray of sunshine,
clearly has never been married.

What all this comes down to now, on our fiftieth anniversary, is that I want to go on the record officially to say
(as though you didn't already know),
because of all the kind, loving and unselfish things you always do
to make my life a better place to live,
I love you with all my heart and soul.

Untarnished By Time

by Pamela Davis
(Newport News VA)

The moments we’ve spent went by in a hurry
Any difficulties now seem distant and blurry
Happiness and laughter are what remain
Memories and accomplishments ease bodily pain
Though older now and a little wobbly and unstable
We can still boogie and dance atop the living room table
Humor and zest for life move us along
Our smiles beam when we hear our favorite song
Golden they call it and I can see why
We are still gaze with passion into each other’s eyes
Half a century---wow 50 years
Its funny how time so quickly disappears
Hand in hand together we stroll
One day we’ll cross over into that eternal rainbow
Until then, let’s celebrate like mad
Let’s honor and give thanks for the life we’ve had
Happy Anniversary and I hope we’ll have many more
You are the one I’ll forever cherish and adore

Our 50 Years

by Amanda

Our beginning,
we wore our hearts in our eyes,
discovering new things about each other
every day

10 years go by,
still looking at eachother with love
as bright as the sun

20 years go by,
we watch our children
become as we once were

30 years go by,
the TV is no longer on at night,
i don't stay up late working anymore,
we go to bed together

40 years go by,
i know what you want without asking,
and i can't imagine growing old without you

50 years go by,
i love our afternoon naps
and i know what you think of my hunting dog,
but i still won't get rid of it

Young and fresh,
were us when we first met
Happy and in love,
are our feelings still today

After Fifty Years

by Mike Berger

Written for my wife for our 50th wedding anniversary.

A compassionate God look kindly on
a foolish child. Brash, with a stiff neck
and a rebellious streak down his back.
To temper this wild soul, God gave
him a special companion.

Chosen from the elect, she had a
God like nature. Warm and patient,
yet firm in her resolve, she warmly
accepted the Herculean task.

God instructed her to sculpt a man.
He gave her a hammer of gentle words
and a chisel of kind deeds. She took
up the task with enthusiasm. Without
complaint she wielded a heavy hammer,
strikingly chisel; the rough edges
where chipped away. Though her hands
were bruised and her arms heavy, she
polished her work with fine files.

After fifty years, time and her task
have taken their toll. Pains now plagued
her steeled arms. No complaints spill
from her lips. That same smile of seventy
years ago fills her wrinkled face. Smiling,
she knows that her work is nearly done

Golden Wedding Anniversary Poem

by Don Nixon

The russet leaves glow in the evening light
And on the climber golden rose hips shine.
The creeper flares from green to scarlet bright,
Warm colours flood the garden, autumn`s sign.

At such a time, together we once knelt
Before the altar where we joined our hands.
Today we still enjoy that love we felt
When we exchanged our gleaming golden bands.

No more for us spring`s eager pastel hues,
Nor summer`s riotous palette richly great,
Our love`s mature just like these golden views,
As we our anniversary celebrate.

For as we gaze upon this peaceful scene,
Our life seems like our garden richly blessed.
Retired, relaxed, contented and serene,
Of all our times, this is I think the best.

Growing Old Together

by Jessica Holladay

For the old fart that you are
You still carry my heart
For the geezers we've become
You still make me feel young
For the 50 years we've grown old
You're the one whose hand I'll hold
Even if there are wrinkles to wear and gray in our hair
There are many more anniversaries to be shared

Love Entwined Us

by Suzan L. Wiener
(Spring hill, Fl.)

Love entwined us
together like the twinkling stars
in the velvet-kissed sky.
I feel your touch
You thrill me so, I tingle always.
Through our 50 wonderful years together, you still make my heart soar when I see you come toward me.
Always hold me in love and I will treasure you a lifetime.
You are my heart, my, darling.
My nights are so much more wonderful since I met you, so many years ago.
It was my most fortunate day that happened.
No other love will ever touch my life like you have.
I know our love will continue forever.

Measuring Up

by Joan
(Honolulu, HI)

So often a marriage is measured in years,
Does fifty years measure a marriage?
Does 100 yards make a football field?
That’s certainly not always true,
Sometimes what you’ve got is a parking lot.

Instead measure marriage like a cake by its yield.
Would a good marriage serve only one?
Would a person get married to be all alone?
If it serves only one, there’s a big mistake.
One serving is no wedding cake.

To measure up, a marriage serves two,
Two people partake of the getting and giving,
Two people share in the loving and living.
They share the cake making, the baking the slicing,
And fifty years is extra icing.

Your Marriage is a Gift

by Michele
(Moscow PA)

Unconditional love.
Strong moral values.
Unrelenting work ethic.
Unwavering faith.
Forgiving love.
Generous spirit.
Faithful service.
Everlasting love.
Your life together has been a golden example of serving, giving, loving.
Your marriage has been a gift to us all.

Untarnished By Time

by Pamela Davis
(Newport News VA USA)

The moments we’ve spent went by in a hurry
Any difficulties now seem distant and blurry
Happiness and laughter are what remain
Memories and accomplishments ease bodily pain
Though older now and a little wobbly and unstable
We can still boogie and dance atop the living room table
Humor and zest for life move us along
Our smiles beam when we hear our favorite song
Golden they call it and I can see why
We are still gaze with passion into each other’s eyes
Half a century---wow 50 years
Its funny how time so quickly disappears
Hand in hand together we stroll
One day we’ll cross over into that eternal rainbow
Until then, let’s celebrate like mad
Let’s honor and give thanks for the life we’ve had
Happy Anniversary and I hope we’ll have many more
You are the one I’ll forever cherish and adore

Still Side by Side

by Monica
(N. Bellmore, NY)

Hand in hand they both came
Across the wide sea
Escaping their sorrow
And sure poverty

With only one suitcase
Held between two
They stepped down on fresh soil
To start off anew

They hoped to find better
Than where they came from
And make a small earning
A live-able sum

And with hopes held high
They soon bought a house
The handsome, strong man
And his charming, young spouse

Yet something seemed empty
Within their new home
They longed for some children
And soon had a son

Their joy was tremendous
Their hearts were aflame
They wished, hoped, and prayed
And a daughter then came

With their family complete
They dared not ask more
But they had no idea
What yet was in store

They never imagined
Six grandchildren
They expanded their home;
They added a den

Throughout their long marriage
There was joy and strife
Some sickness and sadness
At times marred their life

Yet through all the years
They kept holding hands
Through good times and bad times
Through all life's demands

And fifty years later
They still stand side by side
The handsome, strong man
And his charming, young bride

My Life Long Friend

by Margaret Maguire

To start our journey I send a kiss
For a life of wedded bliss,
Our first home sparkling and new
A love so faithful and true.

Our lives to spend together come
What may to stay forever,
This we will learn from one another
Truth, love, joy and sorrow.

The journey is never going to end
With you my life long friend.
Many explorations to be done,
The future’s going to be such fun.

We may travel far to distant lands,
Or simply stay close at hand.
When life has gone, we will journey
On through all eternity.

The Contentious Fifty

by Ken Layton
(Carthage, NC)

For twenty-five years I dragged my feet
Until a beautiful lady I chanced to meet.
We wed and settled to a contenious life
With me the slob with a fastidious wife.

Now, fifty years have fleetingly past.
Soon I'll be likely to breethe my last,
But before I go, I wish my story to tell
Of a dire venture into the jaws of hell.

She damnned the clothes I wore each day;
That I slurped my soup in a piggy way;
She deemed me petulent,vile and uncouth;
Swore I could never tell her the truth.

A half century I tried; I did my very best
To obey her rules, to meet her every test,
And though we lived a life of contention,
There's still a thing I'd like to mention:

For fifty years we've fought and fussed,
Screamed and yelled,and contumely cussed;
We've pulled out hair now turning gray,
But still we've loved each and every day.

Reflection of Time

by Jo Sandes
(6912 La Merida Ave, Albuquerque NM)

The sun touched warmly on her face, picking
up the mirror she thought of a better time and place where the mirror was more kind reflecting only her youth and complexion so pure with lips as sweet as summer's fine wine.

Now the mirror has gotten old just as this beauty with time, leaving large broken cracks down the center with extending thin lines.

Fifty years ago this youthful beauty seeing her reflection in the mirror while touching her chin, only seeing aging lines around her mouth,graying hair with streaks where warm color and shine had once been.

There's more beauty in a mirror's reflection that could ever be seen, it's the beauty that comes between two souls with deep love for each other that only time can bring.

The Three Wishes

by Ellen Denton
(Afton, Wyoming)

When we joined hands,
lives and hearts
so many years ago
on that special day,
I had three wishes for us.
One was that, like intertwining vines,
we would always take strength and support
from each others presence and love.
One was that our mutual love
deepen with age,
so that the glow of that mutual love
would light our way
along the roads of of life.

There's many words of love
that may be spoken,
but we've both always known
it's the song that travels in silence
from heart to heart
that speaks the loudest
that says the most.
We have always shared that
and no matter where I may travel,
no matter who I may meet,
there will never be another one like you.

My first two wishes came true,

and now, 50 years later
I'm going to rewish the third
and most important of the three:
that we have many, many more days
to wake each morning
and say to each other
"You are the one.

You have always been the one.

A Golden Anniversary

by Clare Kirwan
(Liverpool, UK)

It wasn’t the Golden Ticket, you’ve had to work and worry
Neither of you are Goldilocks but life’s no fairy story
It wasn’t the Golden Treasury, but you’ve both creative hearts
You don’t run the world like Goldfinger, but you always played your parts
It wasn’t a trip on the Golden Hind – you stayed by the Mersey instead
No Golden Voyage of Sinbad but you’ve cruised the fjords and Med
It wasn’t the Gold Blend advert, where everything’s sunny and swish
You weren’t a Gold Cup winner at Cheltenham – you wish!
It is more a Golden Wonder, the way it perseveres
And you deserve Gold Medals that you’ve made it 50 years!

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