50th Anniversary Gifts For Friends

When you are choosing 50th Anniversary Gifts for your friends you want it to be perfect. The good thing is knowing them as well as you do you it should be easier, knowing that you will want to find them a gift that they will enjoy together and that has meaning.

A good place to start is to use the Gift Lists for a guide...

  • The traditional and modern gift for 50 years together is Gold 
  • And your flower is the Violet

Gold has been used for hundreds of years to celebrate a beautiful marriage and shows just how valuable their partnership is. It is a strong metal that does not corrode, which after 50 years of marriage that is just what your friends have a beautiful strong relationship  that has withstood many knocks.

Golden Anniversary Gift Ideas For Couples

The traditional gift of gold for a 50th Anniversary makes a gift that will be treasured.

Memorable 50th Anniversary Gifts for Friends

Celebrating 50 years together is a lot about the memories that you have shared over the years.

Our newspaper gifts are a treasure of memories and you can choose from

  • an original newspaper from the day they were married
  • a framed front page from the day they were married
  • or a personalized 50th Anniversary newspaper book with reprints of the front page from their wedding day and then every Anniversary front page until today. This is one of our most popular gifts for a couple.

All of our gifts can be delivered to the Anniversary Couple direct which is a great way to make sure that your gift arrives on their Anniversary.

Celebrate Their 50th Anniversary

Being married for 50 years is exciting and worth a big celebration, you want to make a fuss of the couple and you probably have lots in common with your friends.

If there are a few of you couples that could go away for a weekend together or arrange for you to all go on a vacation would be fun. If that is not possible then organize a dinner for you all. It could be at one of your favorite restaurants or a place that you all loved to go. It's about making new memories that you can treasure.

Their family may have already organized a surprise party but that doesn't stop you doing something that you know you will all enjoy, but it's probably a good idea to check with them so your plans don't clash.

Or you could be the ones to organize a 50th Anniversary Party, maybe if there are a few of you married in the same year you could all celebrate with one big party!

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