What is An Eternity Ring?

Finding out what an eternity ring is and why it makes such a great Anniversary Gift will make you wonder why you haven't bought one before.

Or it will make you want one even more!

Eternity Ring Symbol

The Eternity Ring is a never ending circle that represents the Circle of Life and also Never Ending Love.

It is a symbol that goes back as far as the Ancient Greeks and Ancient Egyptians where they gifted an Ouroboros ring which is a snake or dragon eating it's own tail - again a continuous circle and representing how we are all connected.

diamond eternity ring

The Eternity Ring has come to symbolize the strength of a marriage and how your love is never ending.

It is a beautiful Anniversary gift to someone you love and is often given at a significant Anniversary.

  • Your 10th Anniversary is Diamonds on the modern list 
  • Your 15th Anniversary is Crystal on the traditional list
  • Your 25th Anniversary is Silver on the traditional list
  • Your 35th Anniversary is Emerald on the traditional list
  • Your 40th Anniversary is Ruby on the traditional list
  • Your 45th Anniversary is Sapphire on the traditional list
  • Your 50th Anniversary is Gold on the traditional list

You can also look at the Anniversary Gemstone list and choose the gemstone that represents this Anniversary year.

Quite often an Eternity Ring is given after the birth of your first child.

Eternity Ring Styles

The classic Eternity Ring design is one that has the gemstones all the way round, it is very beautiful but can be tricky to wear as we are used to rings that are smooth on the inside. Also, a ring with the gemstones all the way round is hard to resize, the easier option is where the stones are only on half of the ring.

The alternative is to choose a ring that has the stones on the front facing part of the ring.

When you are choosing your eternity ring have a think about which finger you would like to wear it on, traditionally the ring is worn on your ring finger above your Wedding Band and Engagement ring. You will want to make sure that the design you choose fits with your other rings.

  • Is the metal the same?
  • Are the stones too heavy? Always a nice problem to have but can be a annoying if they don't sit right on your finger.
  • Are you happy with the setting of the stones?

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