Five Unique Ways To Personalize Your Anniversary Gifts

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Personalizing an Anniversary Gift is a bit like that moment when you have to write something witty in a shared card, all inspiration seems to leave you and you are left with writing the safe and the obvious.

We know that you want to do better than that when it comes to adding your unique touch to your gift, so we have put together a list of some really special ways you can personalize your gift that will leave them speechless and may even bring tears to their eyes.

Create Your Own Married Couple's Monogram

married couples monogram

Did you know that as a married couple you can create your own monogram? Joining your names together as well as your hearts and you could use your monogram to personalize lots of gifts.

The first letter in the monogram will be the first initial of one of you, then you have your shared surname initial, followed by the first initial of the other.

Traditionally it would be the wife first and then the husband as the last initial but that isn't always going to work, especially if there are two husbands or two wives.

We would suggest you have a play around with how the initials look together and also check that they don't spell something! Your monogram may not have the sophisticated edge you are looking for if it spells CAT or DOG, far better for that to be turned into a monogram of TAC or GOD. Wow, that last one would definitely be remembered!

The Co-ordinates Of Where You Met

Using where you met, or where you were engaged or where you married is a sweet way to personalize your gift but instead of adding the city or place how about using the co-ordinates? Thankfully you don't have to be a sailor or experienced traveler to do this.

We met at 

50° 43' 22.2924'' N

1° 52' 24.7584'' W

You can find out where you met here.

  • You could add your co-ordinates of all your favorite places and have those added to a canvas or engraved on a bracelet. How about sending them an invitation to meet you at a place and just give them the co-ordinates!
  • You could also use a map of your favorite place to personalize your Anniversary Gift.


personalized anniversary bracelet

Dates are important when you have been together for so long, they are part of your shared history and your Love story.

  • Have an item engraved with the time and the date you met or when you said your wedding vows. One of our customers had 3 leather bracelets engraved for his wife, one had the date they met, one had the date they were engraved and the last one was the date they were married.
  • Not just a date but how about adding the number of days you have loved them? 
  • Or adding a love note to the dates - I have loved you for 695 days, 53000 hours and always will.

Personalized Gemstones

gemstone anniversary monthsAnniversary Gemstones

Using gemstones to personalize your gift is a much more subtle way to show your love and your togetherness.

  • You could choose your gemstone by the meaning behind it, there are gemstones that help with love and harmony, those that give strength and those that heal. Rose Quartz is the stone of love and a popular gift for lovers.
  • There are also gemstones associated with each month, which can be used as your Anniversary Stone, personalize your gift with the gemstone from the month you were married or have both of your month's gemstones together.
  • Plus there is also an Anniversary Gemstone list, each year has a different gemstone and a different meaning.

A Shared Favorite Memory

Shared memories, magical moments, laughs and loves are all part of you both and personalizing your Anniversary Gift with one of these is something very special.

Over the years we have had the privilege of helping many couples with their Anniversary Gifts and we get glimpses of their love with how they personalize their gifts.

Here are a few of our favorite personalizations that the couples are very happy to share with you...

  • Meet me at the bench - "we always stopped on the bench on our walk home after a date"
  • Save all your kisses for me - "the song that played when we first met"
  • Twue Wuve - "a line from our favorite movie, Princess Bride"
  • Do you? I Do - "cheesy but true - my husband chatted me up in a nightclub with the classic line of Do you come here often! So this anniversary the cufflinks I have personalized one with where we met and the words Do You and the other with I Do and where we were married"

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