Paper Jewelry

Traditionally, your 1st anniversary gift is made from paper and although you may not think it is the most obvious gift for your wife, paper jewelry will definitely be one of the most romantic.

It could be a beautiful handcrafted necklace or a locket filled with a tiny love note, or if you are feeling talented you could even make it yourself!

There are many stunning examples of paper jewelry pieces and if you are worried that they won't last, the pieces are coated so that they will. No need to stay in and dodge the rain if you are wearing paper jewelry! Although, you probably don't want to go swimming wearing it.

Handcrafted Paper Jewelry

We love these beautiful, handcrafted items available from Novica, perfect for your anniversary and a truly unique gift.

Shop Popular Paper Jewelry

You can find lots of beautiful paper jewelry at



 and Etsy

white and brown paper necklace
red paper and onyx dangle earrings
paper dangle necklace

Paper Jewelry Box

gold and black paper jewelry box

If you were thinking of buying your wife something more expensive than paper for your 1st anniversary how about hiding it in this gorgeous, handcrafted jewelry box made from paper mache?

Lots more Anniversary Gift designs available from the artisans at Novica.

Homemade Jewelry

If you are feeling creative it is entirely possible to make your own jewelry from paper, what you will need is patience and time and paper!

You could make a paper mache pendant and paint with a heart.

Paper beads for a bracelet - check out the video below on how to make the beads.

Or you could buy a locket and write a little love note to go inside.

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