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Choosing a funny anniversary card is a fine balance between one that will make you roar with laughter and ones that can be a bit insulting. Here are our choice of cards available online that make that fine balance easily!

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Grow old with me - from Cafe Press

I could watch TV with you forever - Cafe Press

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More details on this cat lovers anniversary card here.

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"I'm still nuts about you" more info

Fun Anniversary Card Suppliers

 Zazzle have a lot of quite unique cards to choose from.

Free Greeting Cards! 100s of designs to choose from. Add Photos, Videos & Music. Email, print or post to Facebook with Smilebox.

Another favorite for really unique greetings cards is Minted, these you can personalize and they will send the card for you too.

Worth Thinking About

Thinking of getting a funny anniversary card? You might want to rethink! When your anniversary rolls around, you're going to want to give your spouse a card. But if you've been into a stationery store online or offline recently, you know there are lots of choices available. One of the options is the funny card. Is this the right choice for you? Here's how you can decide.

  • Which Anniversary Are You Celebrating?

Some anniversaries are simply more romantic and sentimental so a funny card might not be a good choice. For example, if you are celebrating your first anniversary or your fiftieth then you might want to stroll down to the more romantic section. That's probably more what your spouse is expecting. For other anniversaries, a humorous card might be a great choice.

  • Your Spouse's Sense of Humor

No one probably knows your spouse more than you do. If your spouse watches comedies and barely cracks a smile, a funny anniversary card might not be the best choice. Instead, you should find something a little more serious. However, if you and your spouse spend a lot of time joking and laughing then a humorous card might make the most sense for the two of you. It seems to fit the type of relationship you have.

Of course that doesn't mean you should choose just any funny anniversary card. If you know your wife is sensitive about her age or your husband is sensitive about his expanding waist line, don't choose a card that would bring attention to those sensitivities. Instead, look for something that you know is going to bring a smile to your spouse's face.

  • What Else is Accompanying the Card?

Let's be honest. Your spouse probably wants more than a card for this anniversary. Unless you've decided to only exchange cards, your loved one is going to want something wrapped up in ribbon hidden behind your back, too. Now if you don't have something like that then getting a funny anniversary card is probably not the best choice. Your card is going to be fully responsible for expressing your feelings of love for your spouse so you shouldn't play it for laughs.

A funny card is best when it accompanies a nice, thoughtful gift. That doesn't mean the gift has to be expensive. The key word is "thoughtful." If you choose a gift, your spouse would appreciate and that shows you know him/her, it will be a wonderful choice.

  • Where Are You Giving the Card?

Where you exchange cards and gifts for your anniversary may also impact whether or not you want to choose a funny anniversary. Here's an example. If you've sent the kids to a babysitter, planned a candlelight dinner at home, and are going to be in the privacy of your home for a romantic evening then laughter might not be what you have in mind. You might not want to break the romantic mood with hilarity.

On the other hand, if you're having a festive anniversary party with the whole family and the in-laws then giving your spouse a funny card might be a good way to get laughs from everyone. Of course you want to make sure the card you choose is appropriate for the audience who might be sharing the laughter.

The bottom line is carefully decide whether or not a funny anniversary card is the best choice. Consider all of the factors but most importantly think about what will make your spouse happiest and what will best express how happy you are to be celebrating another year together.

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