Romantic Things To Do On An Anniversary

Celebrating your Anniversary can come with a whole load of pressure to get it "right" or potentially be instagram, facebook or snapchat worthy. It's a classic case of feeling like you should be doing something but you are not sure what you want to do.

You probably also don't want to let the day go by without an anniversary celebration and with a little bit of planning it's completely possible to have a lovely romantic Anniversary that you will both enjoy.

It's the perfect time to look back on the past year and celebrate all the good times you have shared.

romantic things to do on an anniversary

List of Romantic Things

It's really important to decide together what the romantic things are that you both love to do, yours may be going shopping together for interesting ingredients to cook a new recipe, or it may be retail therapy and shopping for a fantastic new outfit for a great night, or it could be walking, exploring or an epic bike ride.

Romance is not necessarily reading love letters together, but it can be! It's about spending time together.

Here we have put together some of the best ways to celebrate.

Romantic Anniversary Ideas

Romantic Hotels

The classic way to celebrate your special day is to have an overnight stay at a wonderfully Romantic Hotel, it could be where you spent your Wedding day or a hotel that has a wonderful spa where you could enjoy a spa day and enjoy a couples massage or your own private hot tub. The hotel will also have a great restaurant where you can enjoy a romantic meal just the two of you. Bonus points if they have a dance floor and you get to spend the evening dancing the night away in each others arms.

Or you could order room service and enjoy being together just the two of you.

When you do book your stay make sure you mention that it is your Anniversary as hotels quite often upgrade if it's a special occasion.

Redo your First Date

Going back to where you had your first date is a fun way to spend your anniversary. You can make it even more romantic by arranging to meet your partner where you met that first time, just like a real date. You can both get ready seperately and meet under the big clock, with flowers. You will be taking a trip down memory lane.

If you are unable to get back to where you first met you could redo your date at home in yoru own living room and if you went out for dinner you could either order take-out or cook your dinner together.

Go On A Road Trip 

If you have a bit more time a road trip is a great way to spend time just the two of you. You could rent a campervan or RV or a classic car you have always wanted to drive and go and visit your favorite places.

Romantic Camping Trip

Spend the evening under the stars cuddled up together, load up the truck with as many pillows and blankets as you can fit in and spend the evening at a great place that you love.

Visit a New City

Exploring a new City together is great fun, you can get a bit lost and find amazing restaurants and bars. We always try and find a fun bar with live music.

Have a look in local guide books to find the most romantic places to visit, you may find the great spot to watch the sunset or sunrise.

Romantic Dinner

Going out for a romantic dinner is a classic romantic thing to do on an anniversary.

When you book your table make sure you tell them that it is your anniversary and you may get a few extras. Hopefully it would mean a great table in the best spot.

Games Night

If you both love to play board games you could play your favorite or look to buy a new game that you both like the look of.

Or you could take your competitive streak and have a go at an escape room experience. They are great fun and romantic in a way that only possibly being locked in a room together and that you both have to save each other can be!

Or go old school and dig out your old video games that you love to play together but just don't get the time anymore.

Couples That Play Together Stay Together

Scavenger Hunt

Have you ever been on a scavenger hunt? They can be great fun and something that you could set for each other where the end spot takes you to your favorite place.

They are a list of items that the other person has to find by following clues which could then lead them to their Anniversary Gift.

Hot Air Balloon Ride

You can book a hot air balloon experience that can include a romantic dinner and a glass of Champagne. Just remember you may not have the whole hot air balloon to yourself as you will obviously need a pilot.

Learn A New Skill

Your Anniversary is a wonderful time to learn and have new experiences together.

  • Go on a Wine Tasting, just remember to take a cab or have a lift arranged for the way home.
  • Both of you sign up to a cooking class and create yummy dinners together.
  • Have a go at learning a new language together which you could use on future travel plans and learning to speak French, Italian or Spanish makes everything sound more romantic.
  • Have a go at a new hobby - Stand up paddle boarding is really popular amongst couples.
  • Have a try at wild swimming and then get warm afterwards by cuddling up together.
  • Or a try out a dance class to perfect your moves to your favorite songs.
  • Learn how to give a fabulous massage with essential oils.
  • Hire a boat and go on a river trip for two.
  • Lots of fabulous Experiences at Virgin if you are looking for more inspiration

Enjoy Your Favorite Things Together

When it comes to romantic you cannot beat doing the things that you both love doing together.

  • Whether it's watching your favorite team
  • Go and see a classic movie
  • Visit a theme park
  • Get front row seats at a comedy show
  • Go and see your favorite band
  • Active couples will love to go on a big bike ride, or you can play your favorite sport.
  • Go ice skating in the winter months
  • Book tickets to see a show

Romantic Evening At Home

Some years going out for your Anniversary can seem impossible but you can still celebrate at home.

  • A romantic Anniversary Dinner for two in your own dining room
  • Or a date night at your home cinema to watch your favorite movie, with popcorn and tickets for the show.
  • You could dig out your Wedding Video or Wedding Album and spend the evening reminiscing on what a great day that was.
  • You could even sneak out to your local park for a picnic with a bottle of wine and yummy treats.
  • Or visit your favorite spot for a morning coffee
  • Set up your own beer garden at home to enjoy a night out while at home.
  • Or hire a hot tub and enjoy a spa night at home

Regular Date Nights

Obviously you don't have to wait until your anniversary to have a date night because the more dates you have the better your relationship. It's the perfect way to make sure you spend quality time together and they don't just have to be out and about, the perfect place could be at home with a candlelit dinner for two once a week.

You can also make a list of all the local restaurants you want to try and the best places you have wanted to visit.

Wishing you both a very Happy Anniversary 

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