First Wedding Anniversary Gifts With A Twist

Your first wedding anniversary gifts are traditionally meant to be paper but today few of us will put pen to paper and write a letter. So here we have some great 1st anniversary gifts that have their origins in paper but are very up to date.

Digital Frame

A digital photo frame is a great alternative to a photo album, especially if you are just like us and forget to print them off! 

Lots of digital frames available at Amazon

Amazon Kindle

Kindle Fire

If they love to read then this Kindle is a must have gift, you literally have the world of books at your finger tips. Plus with the new Kindle fire you can also get the web, watch movies, apps, games and maybe even read a book! 

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If you fancy treating them for your first anniversary and they are into their Apple products then an iPad could be the thing for them. You can read books, write emails and loads of other fun stuff which could loosely connected to paper!

iPads available on Amazon

A classic book is a great gift and you can choose one that is a book that they will love. Rather than trying to find the perfect book why not treat them to a Kindle. They have been out for a while through Amazon and the technology has come on lots. If you haven't seen one (where have you been?) they are an electronic reading device and you can download loads of books to read on them, there are probably more books than you could read in a lifetime.

As well as the Kindle you could also think about an IPad, Apple's latest bit of must have kit! You can surf, email and also read your books on one of these. If your love letters have all been by email this could be a great way to read them, plus think of all of the other stuff you can do! And you would look pretty cool at the same time.

Photographs are also traditionally paper, but if you are anything like us you probably have loads of pictures that have never seen the light of day? Why not treat yourselves to a digital frame, this way you can have all of your favorite photos in one place where you can see them. The trick is to load photos that are all either landscape or portrait otherwise you end up with photos that are either too small or too big.

If you don't have lots of digital photos your first wedding anniversary gifts are a great excuse to treat yourself to a new digital camera!

Of course if you are feeling more traditional then there are lots more traditional 1st wedding anniversary gifts!!

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