50 Free & Cheap Ways To Celebrate Your Anniversary

Life can be expensive but that doesn't mean that you have to miss out on celebrating your Anniversary in style.

And when money is tight it makes you think about what is important and it definitely makes you more creative!

Here are the best 50 free and cheap ways that you can celebrate your Anniversary with your love, with a whole load of romance.

Cheap Start-of-The-Day Ways To Celebrate Your Anniversary

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1. Decorate a room in your house for your Anniversary as a surprise. Fill it with your favorite photos of the two of you over the years, add balloons, a banner and definitely some I Love You post it notes dotted around for them to find.

2. Get up early and watch the sunrise even if it is in your backyard, grab a blanket (just the one so you have to share) and mugs of coffee.

3. Make breakfast in bed with all of their favorites, add a flower in a vase or a Happy Anniversary placemat that you have made yourself.

4. Go out for a breakfast date at your favorite diner or coffee shop or even grab a take-out coffee and go to the park.

5. Make heart shaped pancakes or heart shaped toast (much easier if you have a heart shaped cutter for those!)

6. Enjoy looking at your old Wedding Albums together and choose a couple to share with friends and family on facebook or instagram.

Romantic Anniversary Days Out

7. A trip to where you were married, don't forget to take lots of photos - maybe even recreate photos from your Wedding Album.

8. Arrange to meet where you first met and recreate your first date.

9. Go on a trip around all of your important places - where you met, where you said yes, where you said "We Do" and where you have lived together over the years.

10. Pack up a picnic and spend the day at a local beauty spot; beach, park, mountains, forest

11. Go for a hike and enjoy being in nature

12. Try a new hobby together

13. Find coupons that provide you with a free entry to a local museum and just go. It may not be your thing but you will find something there that you like or you will end up giggling like school kids because it is awful.

14. Visit a local market and pick up everything you need for a romantic dinner at home.

15. Go to the zoo and find the cutest animal couple

16. Go to the cinema and sit at the back

17. Search for an old fashioned photo booth in your town and have a photo of the two of you.

18. Buy Happy Anniversary balloons and share your happy day with lots of people!

19. Catch a train or bus anywhere just because it is your Anniversary and act like tourists for the day.

20. See if there are any free events on your Anniversary locally, it might be a singer at a nearby bar or a band in your local park.

21. Go camping and have a campfire

22. Go stargazing and find a shooting star to make a wish on.

Romantic Anniversary At Home

23. Nothing is more romantic than a candlelit dinner for the two of you and you want this to be special so don't just have your usual dinner. Set the table, add candles, play romantic music and most importantly spend time together.

24. Cook Dinner at home together

25. Have a movie night at home with popcorn, a giant size soda and cuddles on the couch.

26. Create a treasure hunt at home with clues to solve and prizes to find - a kiss on the decking, a dance in the hall.

27. Get dressed up and go dancing in your kitchen, you get to pick all your favorite tunes and mix your favorite drinks.

28. Have a cocktail night and create your very own signature cocktail.

29. Have a wine tasting evening, with a yummy sharing platter

30. Plant a baby tree in your garden so you can watch it grow in your own backyard.

31. Renew your Wedding Vows in your own front room.

32. Build a campfire in your backyard and have a campout under the stars just the two of you.

Cheap Anniversary Party Ideas

You can still celebrate your Anniversary with friends and family on a budget.

33. Invite everyone for a pot luck supper where everyone brings a dish 

34. Renew your vows in front of all your family and friends - in your backyard, your local park or beach.

35. Hold a giant picnic and play games

36. Have a BBQ with drinks and get everyone to bring photos of your Wedding Day, there are bound to be ones you have never seen.

37. Hold a Premier of your Wedding Video - everyone will love to see it and if it's been years since your Wedding Day the youngsters in your family will love to see everyone. Set up a friend as the official photographer for when everyone arrives. 

37. Organize for you all to go camping, or hiking or whatever it is you all enjoy. 

38. Have an Afternoon Tea celebration with a replica of your Wedding Cake that you have made yourselves.

39. Hold a quiz night with questions from the years you have been married and include classic moments that your friends and family have been involved in.

Cheap Anniversary Gift Ideas

40. A framed photo of the two of you from your Wedding Day

41. A photo album with photos from every single year you have been married.

42. A homemade gift incorporating the anniversary symbol for your year.

43. A love note in a bottle

44. A Book filled with a hundred reasons why you love them

45. Create your own love coupons using our templates

46. Pick them up from work and take them on a magical mystery tour of all your favorite places

47. Create a spa experience for them at home

48. Print one of our Free Anniversary Cards

49. Have a small gift for each year you have been married - favorite candy, flowers

50. Carve both of your initials in a tree in the back yard and make it the back drop for your romantic evening.

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