Wedding Anniversary Verses
How To Write Your Own

As long as there has been love in the world there have been love poems, the word verse was first used before the 12th Century according to Websters Dictionary and now as you plan your celebrations you could be looking for wedding anniversary verses that will show the love of your life just how special they are to you. You want them to be amazed at your style of prose and be wrapped in the love that each line showers them with. *Sigh*

Sorry did you say that you can't write wedding anniversary verses?

I will let you into a secret, neither can I but everyday we are surrounded by the words that would be perfect for your own love poem or verse (technically just one line) you just need to listen. Here is where you will find them.

Your Wedding Day

Take your wedding day for example, months of preparation, carefully choosing the right words for your vows - is there a line in these words that would be perfect years on?

The readings that you chose would have had special meaning then and probably still today, now would be a good time to relook at these and think if these words are what you want to say now.

Your first dance, what were the lyrics? "Save all your kisses for me", Brotherhood of Man or "Some things are meant to be, Take my hand, take my whole life too, For I can't help falling in love with you", Elvis Presley. Could be time to dig out your old music collection and find a great old song. A great song for your verse is one that reflects your personalities, it doesn't have to be the best song in the world as this is not about writing all of the lyrics, you want a portion of the song that means something to you.

Your Music Collection

Music is a great place to find wedding anniversary verses, what was your song when you first met? What did you love to dance to? Read the lyrics and find the line that is perfect for now.

It amazes me how different the words seem when they are written down rather than sang, you can really focus on the meaning in the words. It isn't always easy to find the right words from your own collection and that is where the wonder of the internet comes in.

Find The Words

Using any search engine type in the theme that you want your verse to be about, type in the word lyrics after and away you go. You will find songs and writers that you may never have heard of and that has to be a good thing.

Wedding anniversary verses are a beautiful way to add more romance and sparkle to your celebrations, write them in your cards, use them as part of renewing your vows or have them presented in a frame.

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