Cute Wedding Anniversary Tattoos 

Choosing to have a Wedding Anniversary or Wedding Tattoo is a unique way to celebrate your true love, a new ink for a new period of your relationship, some couples choose to have a tattoo to celebrate their first Anniversary or some choose to have their first tattoo together.

It is a relationship goal for some couples but important decisions need to be made as this is something that will be with you for a long time.

As well as the design of the tattoos, have a think about where you want to have them and make sure they work together.

couple anniversary tattoo ideas

Ring Finger Tattoos

Ring Finger Tattoos are very popular for couples as they are a physical symbol of your Wedding Day and some couples even choose to have them on their big Day and instead of Wedding Rings.

  • Roman Numerals for your Wedding Date
  • Wedding Date - please double check that the tattoo artist doesn't ink the wrong date! Kelly Ripa had a simple date tattoo of her Wedding Day on her wrist. It is definitely one way to always remember your Anniversary!

You could even have the tattoo small enough to hide under your wedding rings if you would prefer.

Matching Tattoo Ideas

  • The infinity symbol for both of you to represent your eternal love
  • Wedding ring tattoo
  • A symbol, date or map from your first date or first place you met
  • If you are more into intricate patterns as part of your tattoo then you could design matching tattoos that flow from one to the idea, it would be a cool way to connect you to together.
  • Pinky promises are small tattoos on your little finger that you can combine together when you lock your fingers together
  • Two love birds
  • Two hearts
  • Your wedding date

Cute Couple Tattoo Ideas

You don't have to have a matching tattoo to know that they are part of the same design and meant to be together, just like the two of you the perfect combination.

  • Puzzle pieces that are meant to be together
  • Two halves of a heart that when together they form one
  • You could even have a tribute tattoo for a person or people that are important to you both and it would be a great way to remember them.
  • If Star Wars is your thing then maybe go retro with a classic Princess Leia and Han Solo tattoos
  • Or Wonder Woman and Captain America
  • King and Queen of Hearts playing card tattoos
  • Mickey and Minnie Mouse Tattoos
  • Sun and the Moon tattoo
  • Four-Leaf Clovers to show how lucky you both are to have found one another
  • If you have overcome mental illness and your relationship has been part of your recovery then a semi colon with each others names or surrounded by a heart would be a very meaningful tattoo for both of you. A reminder of your new beginnings.
  • Tattoo of rocks are popular at the moment where you can see the cracking of the skin and the tattoo looks as if it is underneath. To have given your heart to each other so fully your tattoos could show how you have both helped each other made your hearts whole again and mended them.
  • Lock and a Key - one on each other
  • An Arrow and a Heart
  • Two love birds

Whatever the tattoo design you choose it needs to be the perfect choice for you so get your creative juices working and think about what is important to the two of you.

Inspiration for Your Wedding Anniversary Tattoos

couple anniversary tattoo ideas

If you want your Anniversary tattoo to be unique to you, it is a good idea to take your inspiration from what is important to you and make it a touching tattoo.

  • It could be the coordinates of your favorite place or where you were engaged.
  • It could be of your favorite romantic couple from fiction or a movie.
  • It could be a quote in each other's handwriting
  • You could both write I love you xxx and have it inked on each other so you both have a lasting reminder of each other's handwriting and how much you do love each other. You could obviously choose to write something else that is memorable to you both.

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