Wedding Anniversary Photo Frames

Photos from your Wedding Day or from a favorite moment together are worth displaying, a glance at the photo will take you right back to that time you shared. 

What could you see when that photo was taken?

What had they just said to you to make you smile?

Hold on to the sights, smells and feeling of total love and bliss, it's amazing what can be stored in one photograph.

Traditional Anniversary Frames

A Traditional Anniversary frame makes a wonderful gift for newly weds or for a couple celebrating many years together.

In twenty, thirty, forty and fifty plus years of memories there will be so many special photos.

A personalized Anniversary frame is a great gift for every year as we all have photos that would look so much better in a frame than they do stuck on your smart phone or tucked away on the mantel piece.

However, if you choose the material of the frame to fit the year's symbol from the traditional and modern list it makes your gift even more special.

Below are ideas on which Anniversary frame to choose for the year you are celebrating.

  • Clocks are the modern symbol for your 1st Anniversary and the paper of the photo is the symbol on the traditional list.
  • A Leather frame makes a great gift for a 3rd Anniversary
  • Wooden photo frames are perfect for your 5th Anniversary
  • Crystal frames are perfect for your 15th Anniversary and sparkly diamonds are the modern symbol on your 10th and 30th, as well as the traditional symbol on your 60th and 65th.
  • Pearl frames are perfect for your 30th Anniversary
  • Silver is the symbol for your 25th Anniversary
  • Gold is the symbol for your 50th Anniversary

Modern Anniversary Photo Frames

These contemporary frames are also wonderful for a newly married couple or as an engagement gift.

Anniversary Photo Album Frame

Photo frame albums are a great way to display photos from your Anniversary Party or from a Vow Renewal, that way you don't have to choose just one photo either!

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