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Fabulous 50th Wedding Anniversary
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50 wedding anniversary gold gift

50 wedding anniversary gift and party guide is here to help you plan the best golden anniversary celebration.

Traditionally your 50th wedding anniversary is celebrated with gold and the origins of this date back hundreds of years where husbands used to give their wives silver garlands for 25 years of marriage and gold garlands for 50 years.

Your gift doesn't have to made from gold for it to be gold themed and we have lots of ideas to help you find the perfect gift.

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Party & Decorations

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After 50 years together your golden couple will have lots of friends and family wanting to share their special day and organising their anniversary party could end up being a bit stressful.

Your best plan is to be organised and prioritise your 'to do' list! You may even want to have a folder to keep everything together, replies to your invitations, seating plans, contracts with venues and cake supliers can easily get lost.

You may want to have a golden themed party or more subtle touches of gold through the party decorations. You could also have a 1960s themed party with great music and fantastic fancy dress. Or you could have a beautiful and classy anniversary party with flowers and great food.

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