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Traditional Anniversary Presents

11th, 12th, 13th and 14th Anniversary Gift Ideas

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traditional anniversary presents

Traditional anniversary presents, ever wondered what this year will bring?

For those of you celebrating anniversaries between 11 and 14 years the answers are here or follow the navigation bar to find your year.

The longer you have been married, the better the gift!

Well, that is the idea if you look at the traditional anniversary list! You start with your 1st anniversary and paper gifts and then at your 60th anniversary you celebrate with diamonds! It represents how your love grows during your marriage.

And by the time you reach your 11th anniversary there are some great symbols.

11th Anniversary Present Ideas

On your eleventh anniversary your traditional presents are made from steel, this is a very strong metal and one that has been used for some serious industrial structures, but there are also some fun and beautiful gift ideas too.

Steel jewelry has some great contemporary designs for both men and women.

Or how about a trip to where you can hear steel drums - the Caribbean maybe? or a trip to your local music school and have a go yourselves! Or a traditional set of steel cutlery and cook a lovely romantic meal.

11th anniversary present ideas

12th Anniversary Present Ideas

Your 12th wedding anniversary gifts are traditionally made from silk.

This is a great romantic material and again, one that you can both enjoy!

We have lots of gorgeous silk gift ideas - even ones that you can open in public!

Or we have gifts that could be a bit naughty with silk sheets and sexy silk underwear.

And other surprises too!

tradtional 12th anniversary presents

13th Wedding Anniversary Present Ideas

For your 13th wedding anniversary celebrate with lace!

New lace tablecloth or curtains? (just kidding!)

Or gorgeous lace underwear?

or a trip to where they make lace?

Or have a look at the lovely lace gifts we have found for you - click the image on the right.

lace 13th anniversary gift ideas

14th Anniversary Present Ideas

For your 14th it is traditional to celebrate with ivory. Today most people wouldn't want to have ivory gifts, but don't worry there are some great alternatives. The best has to be Tagua nuts, they grow on palm trees in the rainforest and are very hard. Perfect for jewellery and ornaments they are worth looking at and the added benefit is that they are a benefit to the rainforest.

traditional 14th anniversary presents
modern 14th anniversary presents

New! Gift Ideas

What anniversary gift are you planning? We would love to hear!
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