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Leather anniversary gifts are the traditional gifts for your 3rd but they can also be for your 10th if you are following the modern list.

Leather is a very practical material, it lasts forever so that in itself makes it a great gift for an anniversary but practical is not always romantic, or is it?

leather anniversary jewelry

Leather Jewelry

Leather jewelry is becoming more main stream and beautiful and is perfect for men and women, a leather pendant or modern bracelet would be a great gift to remember your 3rd wedding anniversary.

Lots of unique leather jewelry ideas at Novica

Personalized leather anniversary gifts

Personalized Leather Gifts

If wearing leather is not your thing then how about a leather jewelry box, one to keep all of your treasures in and you can find some great personalized ones too. Perfect for you to add your own very personal anniversary message or their initials!

Lots of personalized leather gift ideas at Personal Creations

For a beautiful romantic night in, you could share a fun leather bean bag, perfect for the two of you to cuddle up in.

leather anniversary roses

Leather Roses

Flowers are always romantic and love the idea that your anniversary flowers could last forever. The very clever people at Just Paper Roses have made stunning leather roses perfect for your 3rd or 10th anniversary. If sport is more your thing then they have also made a great leather baseball with the words "You Hit A Home Run With Me!".

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As well as just your leather gift you could add an extra touch of romance to make these gifts even more perfect.

Have romantic messages added to the jewelry, it could be as simple as your wedding date or happy third wedding anniversary or both of your initials, you could have some fun with this and write all sorts of messages to the one that you love.

A leather journal becomes a romantic gift if you write little love notes in it, or have all of your emails and texts that you have sent to each other over the last year printed into the journal.

leather anniversary photo album

Leather Photo Album

A leather bound photobook with lots of photos of the two of you from the last 3 years would be a gift that you can look back on over the years.

There are lots more leather journals, books and albums to look at on Amazon

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