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Moonstones are associated with your 3rd anniversary, along with leather from the traditional list and crystals from the modern list.

It is said that they will bring good fortune and if you give your lover a moonstone necklace on a full moon you will always have passion! Plus it brings love and good fortune.

Legend has it that amulets of moonstone were hung in fruit trees to improve the harvest. And another legend says that if you place a piece in your mouth it will help you gain the correct answer. There is no wonder why this beautiful stone made it on to the gemstone list, this is one powerful stone!

What on earth is Moonstone?

Does it come from the moon? If it does then you will need to wait for the next meteorite to land on earth which is not the best way to find your ideal anniversary present!

Romans and Ancient Greeks thought it was and that the stone was the moon's rays in solid form and used it a lot to represent their Luna gods. The Romans used it in jewelry from as early as 100AD, although at the time the Romans referred to this stone as the star stone.

Thankfully it gets its name from the color of the stone and the way it shines, it is gorgeous and just looking at this picture you can see why it got its name.

moonstone 3rd anniversary gifts

Image: Novica

The association with the moon still continues to this day as it has been the State stone of Florida since 1970 to commemorate the moon landings. The flight started at the Kennedy Space Station in Florida.

Moonstone has been popular since the Romans and Ancient Greeks and recently in the Art Nouveau period. If you wanted to give a vintage piece of moonstone then Lalique was a popular designer during the Art Nouveau period and you can still buy pieces from that period.

A number of more modern designers also have used the stone to create some very modern pieces or you can buy moonstone beads and create your own jewelry. It is still very popular in India and the Far East where it is considered a sacred stone and used to decorate temples.

For some, moonstone is considered to be the stone of lovers.

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