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Third Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas

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leather 3rd anniversary gifts

Your third wedding anniversary gift is traditionally in leather, from traditional leather gifts to sexy leather trousers this is an anniversary gift that will suit everybody.

Third Anniversary Gift Ideas For Your Wife

Leather gifts for your wife should not be practical unless something specific has been asked for. Your wife will want to receive a gift that is special.

If a new purse is the gift then you could fill it with love messages and a photograph of the two of you. If you are thinking of buying a leather overnight bag then it should include a night away!

By adding a personal touch to your gift it will mean so much more.

Third Anniversary Gift Ideas For Your Husband

Leather gifts for your husband can be practical -

  • a new wallet with photo of the two of you, 
  • a passport holder - with tickets, 
  • an overnight bag with a stay away 
  • or even a man bag! What on earth is a man bag? It's the male equivalent to a handbag and is usually a clutch style or a satchel style - depending on the man!

Stay clear of shoes as this is such a personal choice and they need to feel comfortable, you would have to literally put yourself in your other half's feet to know if they are a good buy. So, it might be easier to take them with you but where is the romance in shoe shopping? Or maybe I am just going to the wrong shoe shops!

If you are feeling extravagant then a new leather sofa would be a lasting memory for your 3rd wedding anniversary. If you do choose this option then make it special by hiring or buying your favorite movie. A cosy night in for your wedding anniversary would be perfect.

New! Gift Ideas

What anniversary gift are you planning? We would love to hear!
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