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Anniversary gifts for your wife are all about making her feel special, you need to think romance and pampering! No practical household gifts please!

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Romantic ideas would be to re-visit the place that you first met your wife or where you proposed. Have dinner at your favourite restaurant or a night away at a special hotel.

If your wife has mentioned wanting to see a show or match or to visit somewhere then arrange for you both to go on your anniversary.

Make the day extra special with flowers, breakfast in bed, some shopping time with you carrying the bags :o), a pampering session, a slushy film in the evening, a box of yummy chocolates, make it all about you both spending time together.

If you have young children then your wife woulf love a much needed extra lie-in and see if you can arrange for a relative to look after the children, even if it is just for a few hours. Make it overnight if you can!

Flowers may sound like a cliche but a beautiful bouquet rather than the type you find at a garage as an after thought are always well received.

For those who love to wow, then you need to think sparkly! A beautiful piece of jewelry makes most women smile lots, if you are unsure what your wife would like then take her to the jewelry shop on your anniversary so that you can choose together. Don't just throw money at the gift if you are unsure. All you need to think about is the type of woman that your wife is and you will choose the perfect gift.

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