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14th wedding anniversary gold gifts

Your 14th wedding anniversary can be celebrated from the modern anniversary list with gold. No longer do you have to wait for 50 years.

When most people think Golden anniversary they do think 50 and so most gift shops will have older couples in mind when they design their gold anniversary gifts. Because of this you are better off going to a jewellers to choose your gift.

Gold gifts will mainly be jewellery for women, you may want to think about the colour of the gold as much as the design so that it matches with the rest of their jewellery. A fun and unique to you gift would be a gold charm bracelet, you could buy a different charm to mark anniversaries and important life events. It would be your own story in gold!

Here are more affordable gold anniversary gifts;

gold hand sculpture - 14th anniversary gift

Gold Sculptures

Now don't panic we are not talking the real thing! That would cost a fortune!! There are instead some fantastic sculptures that are gold in color.

Here is a lovely Buddah hand sculpture welcoming you into your 14th year of marriage.

Lots more handcrafted gold sculptures at Novica.

personalized gold jewelry 14th anniversary gift

Personalized Gold Jewelry

A gold gift to treasure forever and one that is made even more special with a message from you.

There are lots of gold jewelry to choose from and you can also add both your birthstones to a piece to make it even more personal.

More information and gift ideas at Personal Creations

personalized 14th wedding anniversary gift

Personalized Gold Gifts For Men

The man in your life may not want a cute bracelet but maybe a moneyclip with his initials, or a gold pen or gold cufflinks?

These can all be personalized with your own message at Personal Creations and we have 25% off all personalized gifts for the man in your life!

14th anniversary personalized frame

Gold Picture Frame

A gold picture frame for your favorite photo of the two of you or your favorite place would be a very special 14th anniversary gift and one that you can both share!

This modern personalized anniversary frame is available at Personal Creations and makes a nice change to the typical anniversary gifts you see in gold.

25% off all personalized gifts for home

Gold gifts for men can be gold pens, tie pins, cufflinks, rings, bracelets, necklaces.

For a twist on the gold theme how about planning a great trip to the middle east or the far east, you could visit one of the many gold souks or markets to choose a truly unique piece. Plus you get to experience a fantastic holiday! Definately my idea of a great way to celebrate your 14th anniversary

Opal Gifts

But as you can imagine it is not all about gold, there are other anniversary lists that have ideas for your 14th anniversary.

On the anniversary year gifts in gemstones, your 14th anniversary is celebrated with opals. Opals are stunning and the meaning of giving a gift with opals is that it is the stone for faithful lovers. How romantic is that and perfect for 14 years together as husband and wife.

As with gold, opals also bring an opportunity for travel. According to Wikipedia Australia produces 97% of the worlds Opals, so that has to be the destination of choice! It is not the only place - Opals are also found in Idaho, USA, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Turkey, Indonesia, Brazil, Honduras, Guatemala, Nicaragua and Ethiopia. These are cool places to travel and what an excuse, not that you need one!

Happy 14th wedding anniversary from all of us too! Don't forget to send us a postcard.

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