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55th Wedding Anniversary Gift Guide

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55th wedding anniversary gift

A 55th wedding anniversary gift is traditionally celebrated with emeralds, a stunning stone and great inspiration for our gift suggestions.

Emerald jewellery is the most obvious, stunning rings, earrings and pendants, tie pins and cufflinks. Emerald jewels have been used since Cleopatra and at that time mined in Africa, today most emeralds are from South America. The quality of the emeralds will be shown in the colour, the best being blue/green and with emeralds the larger the stone the higher the price.

There are a number of cheap imitation emeralds, green glass and green cubic zirconia are the more common. These look great in the right piece but you don't want to be paying emerald prices for these!

Green glass is stunning in vases, drinking glasses and for decoration. We have recently fallen in love with Whitefriars, a British glass manufacturer famous in the 19th and 20th Century, we are just window shopping! Don't just look at new green glass items have a hunt at local antique fairs and secondhand stores, you could have the find of the century, or at least the last 55 years!

For the adventurous anniversary couple, a trip to the famous Emerald Isle called Ireland. We have had some great times in Ireland, fantastic hospitality, great food and made lots of friends. The best trip was when we flew into Dublin and then travelled down to the South coast and up the West coast, stunning scenery and fun times.

You could also visit Emerald Bay in the Cayman Islands or Emerald Lake in Canada for true romantic getaways.

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