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15 Year Wedding Anniversary Gift Guide

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A 15 year wedding anniversary gift traditionally comes in the form of a sparkly crystal, from great jewelry to an alternative crystal gift we have come up with some suggestions to help you find your perfect present.

15th anniversary gifts for your wife
15th anniverary gifts for your husband
crystal annversary gifts
modern 15th anniversary gifts

When you think about traditional crystal you may conjure up an image of cute ornaments and heavy glassware but glass and crystal manufacturers also have some great modern pieces. You can find funky modern glassware, we have fallen in love many times with some beautiful Champagne flutes, these are investments and treasures to look after for many years. Worth buying from a manufacturer that will be able to replace the odd accident, or buy more than you need if your budget allows. We are saving up for ours!

crystal anniversary gifts

You can also find beautiful crystal pieces which, when the light catches them sends lots of rainbows around your room. Very pretty. Window ornaments are also available.

Crystal jewelry is very popular, Swarovski has put crystals on nearly everything so there is bound to be something for all tastes. It's all about the sparkle.

For those of you into alternative therapies you could buy a gift of a crystal therapy or invest in a quartz crystal. They all have different uses and could be a fun new interest for you both.

If you like to be more subtle then think about buying the stick-on crystals, you can then decorate your own gifts with these. Or add them onto your clothes for a sparkly night out!

15th Anniversary Rose

crystal rose

A clever way to add crystal into your gift is your very own flower made from crystals, a flower that lasts forever would be a great reminder of your 15th anniversary years from now.

Lots more crystal gifts at Just Paper Roses

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What anniversary gift are you planning? We would love to hear!
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