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1 Year Anniversary Gifts For Your Husband

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1 year anniversary gifts are traditionally made from paper or if you want to follow the modern anniversary list then you have clocks.

If you are really clever then you could look to combine the two, just think futuristic paper gadget that can tell the time and you are sorted!

Until that time comes here are manly and romantic gifts that are made from paper.

Papier mache car available at Novica
1st anniversary gift for your husband

Paper Tickets For Your 1st Anniversary

You can't get more manly or papery than tickets to their favorite game, or if you are feeling very generous a season ticket, just remember a season ticket ties them up most weekends and if you like having them around this might not be the best option. (Yes that is the voice of experience!)

Make it a date and go along too! Tickets in general are a great 1 year anniversary gift and most men love to celebrate by doing something fun. Have a look to see what gigs are on or if there is a show that you want to both see. 

Or how about tickets for a fabulous experience day?

They would make an amazing gift for him as you could have racing days, pamper days, fine dining and wine - there are lots of options. Just click the link to find out more.

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Your 1st Anniversary Memories

secret love note cufflinks

Love Note Cufflinks

These cufflinks are perfect for your 1st anniversary as you can hide a love note, written on paper, just for your husband inside each cufflink.

They can also be personalized with your husband's initials  or yours if you fancy a matching set?

More details are here.

How about creating a photobook or a collage filled with photos from your first year of marriage?

Not only will this be fun to look at now, it will be something that you will both treasure over the years.

This Live, Laugh, Love photo book is available from Amazon.

Personalized Love Book

Yes, you can really buy your own love story! How cute is that?

You can fill your book with all the reasons that you love your man or you could have a look at love coupons too!! The mind boggles :)

Unlimited pages and really easy to customize on the LoveBookOnline website.

All the details are here.

Personalized Art

Treat your husband to a gorgeous photo of the two of you.

This one is super cute as it will be printed with your names and Forever...

And forever is pretty important when you are celebrating your 1st year together.

Together forever!

This print is available from Personal Creations

Paper Gift Ideas

  • Monthly subscription to his favorite magazine
  • Books, checkout the bestsellers on Amazon
    • Stocks and shares are also a fun paper gift, you can buy shares in their favorite companies, just think what owning even one share in Harley or Microsoft would mean to them?
    • A framed print of their favorite artist or of their favorite place is a great gift that will last for years.
    • A fun gift idea is a paper pinata filled with their favorite candy, especially if you send it to his work! Just imagine all of his work colleagues wanting to have a go!
    • If you love to show how much you love your husband then 365 'I love you' post it notes all over his car would be a good start. Where you stick the notes is completely up to you!
    • Love notes are always a nice start to the day and finding them in unexpected places makes everyone feel great!

    More Ideas For Your 1st Anniversary

    1st anniversary weekend away

    Make your first wedding anniversary a day of doing things together and that could be getting away from it all and enjoying one another's company.

    The photo is us enjoying a rare weekend away at Burgh Island - one of the most amazing places to stay and a real treat!

    New! Gift Ideas

    What anniversary gift are you planning? We would love to hear!
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