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Romantic 1st Wedding Anniversary Gifts

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You want your 1st wedding anniversary to be special, it's the first of many so you want it to be good! Years from now you will want to be able to look back and have a story from your first anniversary and what better way to celebrate 365 days of marriage than by celebrating your wedding.

Here are some gorgeous ways to create treasures for years to come;

Your Own Love Story

With your 1st anniversary being paper a book is a great gift and your very own love story in a book is perfect.

Have all of your favorite memories collated together and professionally bound for you.

They have had made it super simple and will deliver almost anywhere in the world.

More details...

Personalized Anniversary Love Coupons

Make your own personalized love coupon book.

Perfect gift that will last all year.

You get to choose what the coupons are and create your own cartoon images, absolutely brilliant.

More information here.

1st Anniversary Roses Made From Paper

1st anniversary flowers

Roses are always romantic and therefore a rose made from paper for your 1st anniversary has to be the most romantic flower there is!

This one is from Just Paper Roses and there are lots more to choose from.

There are also roses with your own photograph on, life like paper roses, or origami orchids.

See all the choices here ...

Box Of Chocolates

We know that your 1st anniversary is paper and ok we may be stretching the definition... But a box is made of paper!

And wow these chocolates are amazing! Seriously they will love you forever. 

Hotel Chocolat also does cookies now and they even have a hotel in St Lucia too. 

More gorgeous chocolate gift ideas from Hotel Chocolat.

1st Anniversary Picture Gifts

1st wedding anniversary canvas

Your 1st wedding anniversary gifts are traditionally celebrated with paper and if you haven't managed to get your photos printed or put in an album then now would be a really good time, before you get tied up in all sorts of other stuff that marriage brings!

If you love your wedding photos so much you could have your favorite printed onto canvas, a reminder of your special day.

Or this fun canvas of the two of you with your names and "Forever..."

Available from Personal Creations
1st anniversary gift

You could also have a sketch or painting from your wedding day, a popular trend at the moment is to have your wedding dress sketched or you could have your bouquet or an original painting of the two of you.

Or you could have this fun caricature of the two of you. All you need to do is email them a photo that you would like to have turned into a photo.

Available from Personal Creations

Paper Jewelry

Crazy as that may sound, paper jewelry makes a great 1st anniversary gifts.

And there are some beautiful handcrafted pieces available from Novica from Artisans around the world.

Find the Perfect Anniversary Gift at NOVICA

Message In A Bottle

How about this for super romantic?

Write your very own personalised message to your gorgeous wife.

If you wanted you could then put it out to sea and see if it comes back to you.

Lots of messages in a bottle on Amazon at the moment.

More Gorgeous Paper Anniversary Gift Ideas

Other paper gifts would be;

  • Books - check out the best sellers on Amazon at the moment.
  • A year's subscription to their favorite magazine
  • Tickets for a romantic weekend away - Check out some of the most popular destinations!

  • Alternative 1st Anniversary Gift Ideas

    1st wedding anniversary fun
    • Other fun stuff to do on your first anniversary would be to watch your wedding video and maybe even dance again to your first dance.
    • You could also have your wedding meal all over again, the one that you probably didn't get to enjoy as you were so busy enjoying the day! This could mean a trip back to your wedding venue or you could surprise your other half by cooking it yourself or have fun recreating it together.
    • And if you are going to get your dancing shoes on and cook a great meal why not invite a few friends round and have a party! It doesn't have to be anything extravagant, infact you probably want a more chilled day after all the excitement of the past year.
    • And how about renewing your wedding vows? This does not mean another big celebration like your wedding, it could be just the two of you in your favorite place in the world saying the same vows you said a year ago. You could add extra bits to your vows and start a lovely traditional that is just for the two of you.
    • If you didn't manage to have the wedding you wanted due to any number of reasons; military, financial or family issues, then if you can now why not celebrate in style!

    Have fun celebrating your marriage and enjoy your first one together.

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