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Inexpensive 50th Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas

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50th wedding anniversary gift ideas that are meaningful, fun, very personal and cheap? A couple's golden wedding anniversary is truly a time of great celebration. It is one of the most, if not the most, celebrated of all wedding anniversaries. It is not every day that we stand as witness to half a century of loving, caring and trials of two persons who are living testimonies of the gift of married bliss. How do you celebrate such a wonderful occasion on a budget?

Golden Rules! Or Not!

  • Gold is the color of 50th anniversary gifts!
  • The gemstone is topaz.
  • Violet is the flower of your 50th.

Most people think that the gifting of gold - jewelry, coins, gold bar- are exceptional gifts. However, practicality rules rather than gold as its price is quite exorbitant. It is alright for the husband and wife to exchange gold jewelries as they both deserve opulent gifts. However, gold jewelry is not a cheap 50th wedding anniversary gift.

Golden Frame

50th anniversary golden frame

How about finding a beautiful photo of your anniversary couple and framing it in a golden frame. It could be a photo from their wedding day or it could be from today.

This lovely personalized frame is from Personal Creations

Golden Roses

50th anniversary roses

You could send a bouquet of roses or maybe identical flowers to those from their wedding day.

If you wanted your flowers to last a bit longer then you could send a personalized bouquet.

These are from JustPaperRoses and you can have a date and their names added to each flower.

Or you could choose golden lace roses instead.

Renew Marriage Vows

Yes, why not? There is nothing more romantic than renewing the vows that that couple pledged to 50 years ago. This is a cheap 50th wedding anniversary idea. There is no need to break the bank to set-up a lavish church wedding and reception. If you are the child or grandchild of the golden couple, you can just set the marriage vow renewal at your house, invite close family and friends, and order some finger food for the reception. You can also ask your family to go potluck. The important thing is to remember and celebrate the anniversary in a meaningful way.

To add pizzazz to the occasion, why not send out invitations that are designed with gold glitters. Set up the wedding venue with violets and golden chrysanthemums tied with matte gold ribbons. Set up the tables with a golden tablecloth and good china and crystal with gold trimmings. Fill the reception area with flowers and candles to set the mood. Remember that the golden couple would be at least 70 years old so make arrangements for that fact - comfortable seats and a not-too-noisy party.

Plan a Picnic

Great, especially if the anniversary falls during the summer months. You can gather some of the golden couple's favorite friends and set up a real fun picnic at a park. Make it a roaring cook-out! Bring out the hot dogs and burgers to grill. Whip up a large tub of that creamy potato salad. Do not forget the crisp greens and options of sauces. Make sure there are tables for the oldies but goodies to sit and eat. Have someone do the grilling for them. Treat the golden couple and their friends as your guests. For entertainment, think of some physical and mental games for them. Remember to take prizes for the winners. Yes, it is like setting up a children's party for grannies and gramps. A picnic is one cheap 50th wedding anniversary gift idea.

Life's Synopsis

50th anniversary book

Looking over the past 50 years will bring back lots of memories for your golden couple.

What better way to do this than by having all of the main events from The Washington Post bound in their very own special edition.

Your own personalized copy is available from Red Envelope

Memories are greatly treasured. It used to be that family special events were in captured in pictures and films. The advent of new technology has made it possible for anyone with a good grasp of digital technology can make a video presentation of a compilation of old pictures and home movies. Do this for the golden couple. Look for old pictures and home videos and try to make a video clip of their life as husband and wife, as parents and as grandparents. Set up a home theatre ambiance and invite some close family and friends for the video viewing. Do a short program where you and your siblings and children and some friends can roast and toast the golden couple. Do not forget the popcorn and soda!

Alternative Cheap 50th Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas

Homemade 50th Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas

Choosing to make your own 50th anniversary gift is a lovely way to make something very personal. 

Some ideas for you;

  • Gold gift basket filled with their favorite things
  • A gold framed photo of the family
  • A gold framed love quote or anniversary poem
  • A champagne bottle decorated in gold pen - you could even get everyone to sign it
  • A pot filled with gold flowers
  • An anniversary quilt

Would love to hear what you decide to make.

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