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25th Anniversary Party Ideas

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25th anniversary party ideas with silver as a theme can create a very special and beautiful event.

To set the tone of the party you will need to start with your invitations, do you want a formal or relaxed party?

For a formal event you could have a silver and black tie dinner with smart silver card as your invitation or black card with silver writing. The front of the invitation could read 1984 to 2009, celebrating the silver anniversary of mr and mrs.

For a more informal invitation you could have photographs of the both of you from the year you got married with the classic line in silver "Guess who is celebrating their silver anniversary?" The details of the party will be inside; date, time, location and dress code.

25th anniversary party centerpiece

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For your Anniversary Party Decorations use silver as an accent rather than covering everything in foil! White table cloths with a silver material runner or if you have the budget look at either hiring or buying silver plates. Most cutlery is stainless steel so that will add to your silver theme. You could tie a silver ribbon around each napkin and your centerpiece could be a great floral display of silver foliage with white and pale blue flowers.

Other silver decoration options are the metallic helium balloons with silver ribbons, photographs of your wedding in silver frames or silver wrapped sweets in glass bowls. You can also buy a lot of party stuff such as banners, balloons, napkins, cups, confetti, party poppers all with Happy 25th Anniversary on.

If your silver anniversary is close to Christmas you could link this with your decorations and have Christmas trees with silver baubles, tinsel and fairy lights.

Silver Supplies For Your Anniversary Party

25th Anniversary Invitations

No party would be complete without guests and one of the best ways of making sure that doesn't happen is to send out an invitation!

Here are some free printables for you to use.

free printable silver bow 25th anniversary invitation
free printable 25th anniversary invitation with crowns
silver grey 25th anniversary heart invitation
25 years the perfect pair invitation
25th anniversary flower invitation
25th anniversary invitation
25th anniversary wedding band invitation
celebrating 25 years invitation
anniversary party themes

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