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13th Anniversary Gemstone - Citrine

Your 13th anniversary gemstone is Citrine, which is not a particularly well known stone but it makes up for that in how gorgeous it is. A beautiful yellow quartz that can vary in color from yellow to brown. It makes great looking jewelry.

Citrine is a success and happy stone and is believed to repel negative energies, which is a fab reason to gift this on your 13th anniversary. We have even heard it referred to as the cuddle stone – mainly because of it’s healing properties but cuddles are always a good part of an anniversary!

13th anniversary gemstone citrinePhoto by Mauro Cateb

Alternative 13th Anniversary Gift Ideas

  • Citrine is mainly found in Brazil and you could have a fab anniversary vacation here.
  • And you could use the beautiful yellow color of Citrine to find lots of sunny inspired gifts.
  • On the traditional anniversary list you celebrate 13 years with lace and there are lots of alternative ideas here.
  • Or on the modern list you would be celebrating with textiles.

Happy 13th Anniversary

New! Gift Ideas

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