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Silk 12th Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas

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What makes a great 12th wedding anniversary gift?

  • Traditionally it would be made of Silk
  • On the Modern list it would be Pearls
  • On the Flower list it would be Peonys
  • And on the Gemstone list it would be Jade (it's also your 35th Anniversary gift too!)
  • The meaning behind silk as the Twelfth Anniversary Gift is that it is a symbol of the thousands of threads holding you both together and strengthening your marriage. It is also beautiful just like the two of you.
12th anniversary rosesSilk Anniversary Bouquet

Silk Roses

Silk roses for your 12th anniversary would be very romantic.

And these are lovely, they are available from JustPaperRoses

silk pashmina

Personalized Pashminas

Silk pashminas are a big favorite, they are trendy and practical all in the same time.

These pashminas from Gifts n Ideas are even more special as you can personalize them with your wife's initials.

The perfect silk gift!

Twelve years is traditionally celebrated with silk;

  • if you are buying for your wife then think silk underwear, you can also get some great silk dresses but buy carefully as this is a very personal choice.
  • Silk ribbons are a great way to wrap your gift, a beautiful necklace or a jewellery box tied with a pretty silk ribbon would be perfect. If life was a film you would be tying a silk bow to a set of car keys!! In reality the idea of any man tying a silk bow to any gift is almost verging on the extreme, but it would be a lovely gesture.
  • Silk sheets would be a fun way to celebrate your 12th wedding anniversary!

Here are lots of ideas to help you choose your favorite gift;

  • Husbands silk gifts would be silk ties or hankerchiefs, or a silk shirt, or I am sure they would love the idea of an expensive gift tied with a silk ribbon. Who wouldn't want a new car?!
  • You can also use the silk theme to travel to the Far East where silk is a popular fabric, just think of the silk souvenirs you could bring back.
  • For more modern ideas for your 12th wedding anniversary gift you could celebrate with pearls, have a look at our article on pearl gifts by following the link below. Pearls are normally associated with your 30th wedding anniversary but the modern list is a great way to get your gifts early!

Pearl Anniversary Gifts Guide

  • You could also use the number 12 for your anniversary gift and have a dozen roses sent to your loved one or find 12 personal gifts that your spouse can open through the day.

New! Gift Ideas

What anniversary gift are you planning? We would love to hear!
Find your perfect anniversary gift
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