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35th Anniversary Gift Ideas For Parents

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A 35th anniversary gift for your parents would be in coral from the traditional list and jade from the modern list, both of which are stunning and perfect for such a great celebration.

One problem is that Coral is under threat and you don't want to be the one giving a gift that is so scarce, so looking at coral as the inspiration for your gift is going to be more practical.

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If you really want your parents to experience the beauty of coral why not really treat them to an exciting trip to see one of the great coral reefs, depending on where they are in the world it could be a trip to the Great Barrier Reef, the Red Sea, Florida and the Caribbean, a pretty fabulous way to celebrate 35 years of marriage!

Of course not everyone has the budget to be able to pay for a present of that size - you might get away by saying that it was also their birthday and Christmas gift all rolled into one for the next 10 years but if not, here are some lovely 35th anniversary gifts that would be perfect for your Mom and Dad.

Jade is from the modern list and the colors are stunning, you may not feel buying your parents jewelry is the right gift but there are lots of other ideas with jade. Just like with coral you could send them on a adventure of a life time to Asia, where they could choose their own anniversary gifts!

Not everyone knows what gift is for every anniversary (although your Mom probably does!) so it might be a nice idea to add a little note saying why you have chosen the gift, or a Happy Coral Anniversary written in their anniversary card would work too.

There are also gifts for parents that are perfect and are not to do with which anniversary they are celebrating. Plus you could take them out for dinner and a show or a quiet meal at home.

Whatever you do your parents will love as they will know that you remembered and that is more than half way there!

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